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Sorenstam: No Word From Wie (do we really care?)

It will be a very interesting week at the Open…will the media follow Annika and Michelle around to see if they speak to each other? I sure hope not…this is getting silly. I want to watch what’s really interesting and not be bothered by all the negativity of past transgressions… I want to watch… Lorena…under pressure to validate her #1 ... Read More »

Will becoming a parent improve your golf game?

Perspective…I guess that’s what parenting gives you when it comes to golf. It makes you realize there is more to life than a little white ball (or pink in the case of Paula C). Actually, I think parenting gives perspective on just about everything! It’s cool to hear about players who did better after they had kids. Not that I ... Read More »

Two pups and a cub – Tiger Woods shares his new happy family

A lovely story and wonderful pictures.  So nice that Tiger posted them all for free on his web site. Does anyone know where the name “Sam” came from? Enjoy! Golfgal New York Post26 Jun 2007 Pamper yourself on Maui! Book your little piece of heaven in golfers’ paradise. Book now at and tell them Golfgal sent you! Read More »

A fairway view, if you can duck every so often

I am always amazed by stories like this. If you buy a house on a fault line, be prepared for eathquake damage. The same is true for golf courses – if you buy a house on a golf course, be prepared for balls to drop into your yard, through your windows or even into your oven (now that was wierd). ... Read More »

Golf – so much more than a game!

Hey there Did you know that golf is a $ 2.7 billion a year industry and that it is the No. 1 participation sport in the world with about 61 million players worldwide, of which 55 per cent take three golfing trips a year and 47 per cent cite golf as being their main reason for choice of holiday destination?Of ... Read More »

Happy Belated Father’s Day, Tiger!

Timing is everything they say… Sounds like Elin was working hard to make sure that baby was born at exactly the right moment. Now Tiger has lots of time to enjoy his new baby (Sam Alexis Woods) with Elin before hitting the links at the Open. Can you imagine if he had to play a playoff on Monday? He might ... Read More »

Robin Williams – Golf (Full Version)

Okay…this video comes with a disclaimer that the language is edgy, but it is so hilarious I just can’t help but laugh until it hurts. I hope you share my sense of humour 🙂 Pamper yourself on Maui! Book your little piece of heaven in golfers’ paradise. Book now at and tell them Golfgal sent you! Read More »

I am a golf-aholic

Hello everyone I know you are all talking about the US Open and how Tiger couldn’t buy a birdie to save his life on Sunday, but while you were all sitting in front of your HD TV’s, enjoying the game, I was out in the teeming raining telling myself “I love this game”. Charles and I had played on Saturday ... Read More »