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hello everyone

I hope you had a great weekend – I golfed 4 days straight and although not every round was worth sharing, I did shoot my lowest back nine at Northview on Monday with a 43 (let’s not talk about the front :)). But the reason I did better than I usually do is that my partner told me (after a frustrating front 9) to only think positive thoughts no matter what happened. And I took his advice seriously and laughed my way around the course. I even started talking to my ball when putting – I looked at the putt, and said with confidence…”this is going in!” and well…would you believe it – it did most of the time. I was shocked.

Positive thinking is so important in golf and believing in every shot, every time. I know you all know that, but how many of us actually believe in every shot? I know I don’t (or didn’t) and I’ve never played with anyone who didn’t get angry or down on themselves for a bad shot/hole/round, etc.

So why do the media like to plant negative thoughts into golfer’s head???

It was great to see Cristie win the big one this weekend. She deserved to win and it’s nice that she did it before turning 30 (the old gal – wink).

But this crap about Lorena “choking” drives me crazy. My goodness, the girl has done amazing things and a major is just around the corner for her. I hate it when the media go on and on and on about her not winning a major. Give it a rest people!

Goodness…Monty hasn’t won a major but he’s in his 40’s – so I understand people talking about that, but Lorena is only 25 years old!! (she and I share the same birthday, unfortunatley not the same birth year :)).

Her rookie year was just 2003. Please, let’s give this woman a break and get off her case about majors. It’s like the media is trying to put losing thoughts into her head. It’s hard enough to create positive self-talk, but when outsiders keep harping at you, it must be next to impossible to think positively for 72 holes.

Lorena will win a ton of majors in her career. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see her win at the Women’s British Open in St. Andrews next month. Let’s keep tellling her she will win…we know she can…so why not then?

You will win Lorena – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Kerr outduels Ochoa
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
02 Jul 2007

SOUTHERN PINES, N.C. – Even with the silver trophy at her side, Cristie Kerr felt uneasy sharing the premonition she had all year about coming to Pine Needles and winning the U.S. Women’s Open. She might not have scripted it quite like this. With a… read more…

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