Fedex Cup – a joke or just sad tale?

Well, I listened to it last night on the 19th hole on the Golf Channel and it’s all over the news this week. The Fedex Cup isn’t all it was cracked up to be – in fact, the cup is more than a little chipped.

I did really like the advertisements on TV – Fedex put a lot of work into those, but the actual event is a sad disappointment by many. I will watch the Barclay’s but not because it is a Fedex Cup tournament, but because I love golf and watch it every week. BTW…did you see the Vijay was 5 over after only 7 holes? What happened? I’ll have to wait and see tonight, but that was a surprise to wake up to this AM.

Anyway…I’ll watch it all and I’ll enjoy the golf. But the fact that KJ couldn’t donate the money to charity until he is 45 is just plain wrong. Fedex has the money now…they certainly spent millions on advertising. I don’t think KJ is the only one who would donate the money. So now there are losers in this game – sad really…


Calgary Herald
23 Aug 2007

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