Golf ALMOST taken seriously as a sport by introducing drug testing

Step 1: Recognize golf as a sport and include it in the Olympics

Step 2: Introduce drug testing into golf

Oh…I think they got it backwards? Am I against drug testing? Absolutely not…I think it is a valid part of competitive sport and so it should be part of golf (which IS a sport). My big problem with this debate isn’t about the drugs – it’s about golf being considered just a game. For crying out loud…curling is in the Olympics, and how can you call that a sport and not call golf a sport?

Oh well…I’m always bitching about this, so don’t mind me…

And of course, there are those who say drugs won’t help you putt better or improve your short game (unless you consider drugs that help you focus and calm you down). But drugs can help your long game and so they should be banned (and those other “soft” drugs should be banned as well).

If you missed it…here’s the list of prohibited substances (just in case you are planning on playing next year in the PGA):

1 Anabolic Agents

2 Hormones and Related Substances

3 Agents with Anti-Estrogenic Activity

4 Diuretics and Other Masking Agents

5 Stimulants

6 Narcotics

7 Cannabinoids

8 Beta Blockers

9 Enhancement of Oxygen Transfer

10 Chemical and Physical Manipulation

The following additional substances may be prohibited at the option of individual Golf Organizations:

A Glucocorticosteroids and

B Beta-2-Antagonists

Looks like Dick Pound (head of World AntiDoping) isn’t all that impressed with this list, but hey…it’s a start. I guess the PGA is trying to help those oldy but goody guys with a touch of arthritis.

And let’s not forget those folks with medical conditions like Shawn McKeel who needs special exemptions (Shawn has a testosterone deficiency and needs to take the hormone for his health).

So drug testing is in….but golf is still out of the Olympics.

Back to step 1!


Quote of the day…

Golf is like a love affair. If you don’t take it seriously, it’s no fun; if you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart. ~Arthur Daley

National Post
21 Sep 2007

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  1. As you mock Olympic sports I’m pleased you don’t go after my favorite, beach volleyball.

    As to drugs, the cart girl is safe to continue to supply the much needed ” swing oil” , that ever refreshing cold beer.

    A fan

  2. This drug testing is going to be something to watch real closely. I am not going to be surprised that someone gets kicked off the tour for taking Viagra.

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