The secret to a great golf game at 90 years old —- a good wife

What a great story! Ken Darlington, a 90 year old man, regularly shoots under his age and amazes everyone he meets. And what’s best of all…he attributes it to his lovely wife, Lorraine of 64 years.

I know I know…this is turning into a chick story, but how can one read this story and not walk away thinking “Wow….I sure hope I can even pick up a club at 90, let alone score less than my age.”

I was going to write about Tiger only needing to be in second place after Phil this week to still win the Fedex Cup (I think that is ridiculous and indicates again that the playoffs are not well structured), but I decided that Ken deserved the headlines today – he’s a real hero.


Edmonton Journal
10 Sep 2007

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  1. Thanks for posting this article about my grandfather. I just returned from a visit with them for their 65th wedding anniversay and was telling a co-worker about this golf article which I have hanging in my garage. Your blog makes it easy to share, thank you!

    Dave Earle

  2. Hi Dave
    I am so happy to hear from you. Your grandfather sounds like a terrific man.

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