Watching Weir beat Tiger at the Presidents Cup – I now believe in Miracles

It was like watching Darren Clarke at the Ryder Cup today. I didn’t expect much from him last year and he surprised me (pleasantly) and I didn’t expect much from Mike Weir today. And was I surprised? I was shocked, but I was thrilled!!! It’s good to be wrong -really good!

The match between Tiger and Weir today was like watching a David and Goliath movie. And like most biblical stories, where usually a miracle is involved, there is certainly was today.

Wow! Even though I didn’t think Mike was a good captain’s pick, he proved Gary Player right and played like a champion this week.

It’s funny too…it’s like there were no losers today. Even though the International Team has already lost the Cup (it’s 2:06 PM PST and Goosen is 2 up so I’m still watching), Mike’s win over “class act” Tiger seems to take the sting out of the overall loss. (Or maybe it’s just the Canadian in me :)).

I loved the roller coaster ride this week and the matches were so exciting. Watching the Mickelson and Singh match was pretty cool. I am not big fans with either of them (although I respect their games), so it was fun watching them play as true antagonists. I wish they’d halved their match. No winners…no losers.

Okay, so all you Phil and Vijay fans can send me hate mail 🙂 – but there was little doubt that Mike was the big winner this week, even though the US team won the Cup. Mike Weir won our hearts.

And did you know, that on a per capita basis, Canadians play more golf than Americans? Sounds like another miracle, given how much snow we get from Nov – April every year.

More tomorrow…


Internationals in need of a miracle
BY RANDY PHILLIPS CanWest News Service
Times Colonist
30 Sep 2007

ILE BIZARD, Que. — Mike Weir and the International team have a mountain to climb at the Presidents Cup, and the Canadian will lead the way by taking on world No. 1 Tiger Woods in singles matches today. Weir will face Woods in the fourth of 12…read more…

Tech Tags: Times Colonist newspaper Sports

STUBBS ‘Canadians love left-handed golfers’

The Gazette
27 Sep 2007

Civility, you’ll soon see, is for the wellmannered patrons at the Masters. Many of the fans here have paid $350 for a weekly pass in the hope a hockey game breaks out. If watching southpaws swing golf clubs messes with your mind, bring a mirror to…read more…

Tech Tags: The Gazette newspaper Grape Expectations

Peers say it’s no contest: Everyone likes Mikey
Calgary Herald
27 Sep 2007

ICANWEST NEWS SERVICE ILE BIZARD, QUE. n his home country, the impression is that Mike Weir got here through the back door. At every golf club in the land, opinion is divided as to whether he deserved to be picked by captain Gary Player for the…read more…

Tech Tags: Calgary Herald newspaper Golf

Woods v. Weir: Why not?
The Globe and Mail
26 Sep 2007

The singles matches that will wrap up the Presidents Cup at the Royal Montreal Golf Club don’t start until Sunday. But International team captain Gary Player and U.S. captain Jack Nicklaus got things off to a rousing start early when they pretty much…read more…

Tech Tags: The Globe and Mail newspaper Sports

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