Golfer’s Anonymous – HELP!

If anyone would have told me that I had something in common with Alice Cooper, I’d laugh them out of the room, but they would have the last laugh.

I am addicted to golf.

In fact, it’s so bad, that I think I need to start attending Golfer’s Anonymous meetings to handle the withdrawal of golf due to our winters in Canada. I am already practicing my introduction to the other golfers…

Hello, my name is Golfgal, and I am a golf-aholic.

I was searching the Internet to see if there was actually a GA for me to join, but didn’t find anything. I did, however, find a 12 step program posted on SportsFan Magazine, but I wasn’t impressed. It’s a program to help you stop. Stop!!?!? I don’t want to stop – I want a program that lets me play more.

I’ll play in almost any weather (you have to if you’re going to live up here), but it’s the darkness that gets in the way. In fact, I play better in bad weather – bizarre but true.

For those of us poor saps who have to work for a living during daylight hours, it’s really hard to even get in some range time at this time of year. Most ranges close at 6 pm and I’m just getting home from work.

The weekends are always crazy now that kids are back in school and they have squash, swimming or some other sport practice, or you have to drive them all over the city to be with friends because no one lives down the street anymore.

Now everyone say….Aaaaahhh…sniff…

OK OK, I guess it’s not so bad. I have golf planned for San Diego in February which I’m looking forward to (anyone have recommendations on courses?). And we’re trying to sneak in Palm Springs in January….But what do I do until then? That’s 2 whole months!

I’ve tried to substitute one addiction for another…but I’ve discovered that red wine is no substitute. Unfortunately, it will have to do after work (when I should be on the course), but instead I’m slumped in front of The Golf Channel giving the evil eye to players who whine and complain about having to play too much.

Sigh…tick tick tick…when do we “spring forward”? Maybe I should just hibernate for 4 months.


ps: I found a second article here about other celebrity addictions. After reading it, I don’t feel half as pathetic as I did before. Okay, Mick can have his Cricket, but Ronnie Wood – stamp collecting? Bill Wyman – metal detecting?

Alice’s addiction… to golf

Daily Express
07 Nov 2007

ALICE COOPER is well known for his love of golf but the School’s Out singer reckons the gentle game is far more rock’ n’roll than it seems. “Every guy I know from Lou Reed to Bob Dylan to Neil Young, they all play golf,” he grins. “It’s because they… read more…

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Daily Mail
25 Oct 2007

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  1. My wife and brother-in-laws played in the group behind Alice Copper last year at Sun Ridge Canyon Golf Club in Fountain Hills, AZ. I understand that Alice lives in the neighborhood and plays there all of the time as he does at every golf course in Phoenix.

    Anyway, Alice is a true 6 handicap and is one of the fastest paced golfers I have ever seen play. Straight down the fairway, pops the greens and puts it out and he is gone faster than when he leaves the stage from one of his concerts.

    After the first tee the only way we knew he was out in front of us was oversized Red Golf Tees with AC scripted in the cup of the tee he was leaving on all of the tee boxes…pretty cool. He must have known we were fans for being so thoughtful…yaw right.

    You need to save some time in March to come out the ‘Clam Bake’ I am organizing out in Palm Spring.

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