Mickelson victory under a cloud after slow-play dispute

If you watched this weekend’s HSBC Champions final, you probably spent the last hour going…”Did you see that!” more than once.

A flop shot on the putting service – give me a break. There was no need for that shot, and no one will convince me that it was ‘the only shot’ he could make. It was high risk and, frankly, I enjoyed watching the ball roll down the hill. Reminded me of Wingfoot…you take an unnessary risk and you reap the rewards.

And what about pace of play…I hate slow play. But what I hate more is when the rules are stretched beyond reason to pacify “star athletes”, regardless of which sport we’re talking about. Sorry…rules are rules and I’d love to see a referee bold enough to slap some of the primadona’s upside the head with a slow play penalty.

But I guess Andy McFee just didn’t have the guts to issue Phil a second warning which would have seen the world No2 docked one shot. I guess he felt sorry for Phil, given he already had 6 penalties that round.

A final round of 76 wins the championship…still makes me want to say..”Did you see that!?”


Mickelson victory under a cloud after slow-play dispute
By Bernie McGuire in Shanghai
12 Nov 2007

PHIL MICKELSON yesterday captured his second win outside the United States, but only after a controversial decision by senior referee Andy McFee not to issue him a second warning for slow play which would have seen the world No2 docked one… read more…

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  1. You could have made a documentary out of the final round of the HSBC on all of the things Phil SHOULD HAVE NOT DONE.

    Note for Phil:
    Checking on if the group in front has cleared – Why do that when you know the group in front of you is in the clubhouse drinking beer and watching you walk up the fairway to see if they are out of the way

    Five stroke lead…do not go for the green in two.

    When the Driver is not working – Don’t Use It. Get a better golf club

    Ball on Green 40ft above the hole – Don’t make a Lob shot no matter how much your sponsor paid you.

    After winning the trophy – Do Not say you are “Going to steal some bottles of wine we have been drinking here this week”.

    When asked what is next – Don’t say you are “taking two and half months off to work on some New Callaway Equipment that is coming out”, it just sounds tacky especially when you can’t hit the Callaway stuff they already given you and you have been in China for a week.

    Phil, You are good, man, but Give us all a friggin break…. just take the check that huge bottle of wine, the trophy, drag your fat ass on the plane and bring it all home.

  2. You are toooo funny, Mr. BusinessGolf!

    Thanks for making me laugh!


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