The Cream(er) rises to the top

I found it a sad as I searched through over 500 newspapers to discover that the only story about Paula Creamer “creaming the field” was the same wire story across all the sport pages around the world. Meanwhile, Phil Mickelson’s pathetic play made headlines everywhere. Sigh…such is the state of women’s golf.

My golfguy and I love watching the women (I guess he’s either in touch with his femine side OR he’s just a really good judge of great golf). Either way, he’s a wonderful partner because he doesn’t watch women’s golf because I love it or for the short skorts – he loves to watch great golf, period!

As we watched the final round, we were comparing Natalie Gulbis with Paula Creamer from all angles. They are both good golfers and beautiful young women, but Paula appears much more wholesome than Natalie with her pink panther brand. As much as Natalie’s “people” say Natalie is trying to be the American girl next door, I think Paula has her beat, skirts down!

Anwway…we’ll keep watching and promoting women’s golf and hopefully someday, the top prize will start to match their talent and not insult them with a $150K first prize purse – how pathetic!


Creamer, in the pink, wins by 8

Miami Herald
12 Nov 2007

MOBILE, Ala. — The Pink Panther won in style. Paula Creamer, complete with pink outfit, hat and ball, ran away with the Tournament of Champions on Sunday, winning by eight strokes. ‘‘All of my other tournaments that I won have been with the white… read more…

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  1. I think that there needs to be a GolfGal PRO-AM where there is a 10 Million Dollar purse for the women to play for…The way you would raise the money is to have Facebook and MySpace send you $1 for every memeber of their site they can actual validate is on their site…what ya think? Think anyone would show up to play for that kind of money?

  2. I’m in!

    If the amount of facebook stuff I get from friends and colleagues is any indication…we’d make 10 mil without blinking!


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