Why wait for the empty nest – golf now and often!

I just had to share this article by a frustrated golfer who is waiting for the “empty nest” to truly enjoy his passion – golf.

As much as I feel his pain, there is an easy cure to his problem. Get your girls out playing golf with you! Bribe them with putting contests like our friends do. It works and it creates quality time for you and your family. That’s just one idea, but there are lots of ways to get kids involved in golf – The First Tee is a fabulous organization.

I’m not sure why so many men (not all, but many) actually see golf as something to escape the family, rather than an opportunity to spend quality time with the family.

Just think…if you and your wife played, she’d be off with her golfing friends and you’d be off with yours and sometimes you’d be playing together – how cool is that! You could watch the golf channel together and plan romantic getaways at golf resorts. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

And if you can get the kids interested, you wouldn’t have to fight every year over where to spend your summer vacation.

Think outside the “all male foursome” box and get creative. Isn’t playing with your family better than not playing at all? If it’s not…then you really do have a problem and it’s not about golf at all!


Counting down the days until tee-time
Live Night & Day
18 Nov 2007

Golf is ruining my life, and not in the way you might think. Golf is ruining my life because it is killing my social life, making it difficult for me to bond in the way a man really needs to bond. Already this year I have had to turn down at least four… read more…

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