Hells Bells!…What happened to Els?????

I feel sick…I just finished watching my fave golfer, Ernie Els, throw away a 2 shot lead, hitting a triple bogey on the final hole of the Alfred Dunhill Championship after going in the water, not once, but twice…

And it didn’t need to happen. I remember saying to my golfguy before Ernie hit his second shot on the par 5 18th, “What’s he doing going for the green in 2 – he doesn’t have to – Why take that risk? – Ernie…don’t go Mickelson on me!” And then …splash. I was shocked and angry too, but when I watched him hit is 4th shot from the drop zone into the water again, I has visions of Jean Van de Velde…and then, I felt sick.

When he missed the short putt to lose to Bickerton already in the clubhouse, I turned the TV off – I just couldn’t watch him shake hands and face the crowd after that complete meltdown.

Sigh…not a good way to start my Sunday morning. And you know…I was thinking this weekend watching this tournament how much spiffier Ernie was looking. In the past year or so, I’d been thinking how “old manish” he was looking in his style of dress, but yesterday and today, he seemed more stylish. Oh well…that’s really irrelevant today. I guess it’s not better to look good than to be good.


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  1. It sounds like you need to just pull a chair up to a window, pour yourself a stiff drink look out at the winer weather and dream of warm places to go play golf…at least you will be watching the real world. It is now obvious to me that in the off season these guys in he professional golf world are going for the appearance fees and incentive money they get if they can do the near impossible. The sponsors are paying these guys big bucks to attempt shots they normally would not attempt if they were playing a $5 nassau. The TV sponsors want them to cause some excitement…anything to boost the ratings. If Bid E has hit that green in two every blackberry in the northern hypersphere would be telling people to turn off the football and see what Ernie just did…and Ernie would probably had a direct deposit made to his Swiss account of $250k. If he sunk the putt another $500k… I suggest Jack Daniels with a splash of water brings me back around to the real world of watching snowflakes flying

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