Monthly Archives: January 2008

Walking with Tiger at the Buick Invitational

Well, I guess I’m now an official PGA junkie. Yesterday, for the first time, I attended a PGA tournament (Buick Invitational) and it was not what I expected at all. Not to say it was bad – on the contrary, it was better than I hoped. I was a bit worried when I showed up at Torrey Pines to discover ... Read More »

Pump it up Tiger!

Now how cute is this! I love pictures which are not too staged. Tiger’s genuine smile at his daughter is so warm and loving. Hard to believe this is the same ruthless man that shows no mercy on the golf course. In fact, he showed no mercy at 11 years old to his dad when Tiger beat him for the ... Read More »

A few beers will help the win sink in for the Philippine stars

A big congratulations goes out to the surprise winners of the Women’s World Cup of Golf this weekend – Dorothy Delasin and Jennifer Rosales of the Philippines. Well done ladies! It was a joy to watch you and your enthusiasm this weekend, rain or shine. Even my golfguy is excited you won – he thought your team spirit was amazing. ... Read More »

UBC Alumni – it’s time to Dine, Dance and Golf in the Desert

To all University of British Columbia Alumni who love to golf… Don’t miss an exciting way to kick off your golfing season with the UBC Alumni Dinner, Dance and Golf Tournament, March 9-10, 2008 at Desert Willow in Palm Desert. So…what’s the big deal? Is this just another tournament? Oh no…this one is for a very special cause. Some background…I’m ... Read More »

Lorena beats Tiger

So, did you read this month’s Golf Digest yet? It’s a battle in our house to see who gets it first – I usually lose (my golfguy grabs it while I’m blogging :)). Anyway, I finally got my hands on it and read Johnny Miller Picks for the Class of 08. For those of you who didn’t get to read ... Read More »

LPGA poised to be more exciting than PGA in 2008

Hey all you lovers of the LPGA golfgals! I am so excited because I was invited to be a guest blogger on Golf for Women’s Editor’s Blog, sharing my thoughts on this year’s LPGA. As addicted as I am to both men and women’s golf, I really believe the LPGA is going to be more exciting than the PGA in ... Read More »

Vince Cellini is back on the Golf Channel!

Finally The Golf Channel has come to its senses. Vince Cellini is back!! Woohoo! I couldn’t figure out where he was until I read a story on Waggleroom that said his contract negotiations went sour. What? He was the best they had! How could they just stop talking to him when everyone who watches The Golf Channel loves him? According ... Read More »