Is there a lynch mob chasing Kelly now?

Well, yesterday I said I hoped The Golf Channel wouldn’t overreact to Kelly Tilghman’s inadvertent mistake, but it would appear that Rev. Al Sharpton changed their minds.

What really saddens me in all of this is Rev. Sharpton not practicing what Christianity preaches – forgiveness. Whatever happened to…”He who is without sin…” How does that end??? But that’s a whole other topic that really doesn’t belong in a golf blog…

I just took a look at the results of the Golf for Women poll and it would appear that most people thought she should be forgiven.

I am happy to see that some people understand what it means to be human, and appreciate it when people who make mistakes sincerely ask for forgiveness.

I am sure the voting isn’t over, so I would really encourage you to click on the picture above and add your opinion. For those of us who like Kelly, she needs the support.


‘Lynch’ anchor suspended

Toronto Star
10 Jan 2008

The Golf Channel suspended anchor Kelly Tilghman for two weeks yesterday for saying last week that young players who wanted to challenge Tiger Woods should “lynch him in a back alley.’’ Tilghman was laughing during the exchange Friday with analyst… read more…

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  1. Dear Golfgal,

    While your sentiments for forgiveness are well founded in a perfect world, it may be that the political world of media relations will win out. There have been many racial slurs in sports over the years, and most were explained away as jokes, not ill-intentioned. Some of these folks have lost their footing, but not their jobs. They were too valuable otherwise.

    On the other hand, hasn’t the world come a long way. Less than 100 years ago, a lynching of a black person was not even considered a heinous offence. Today we have a potential Democratic candidate for the US Presidency. Sometimes these inadvertent comments help us to see how far everyone has come, and yet how far we still must go.

    I will vote to forgive, because it is the right thing to do. It is important, however, that the comment not be swept under the carpet.

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