Palm Springs Golf Getaway 2007 – Terra Lago North

December 22nd, we headed up to Terra Lago just off I-10 about a 1/2 hour east of Palm Springs. Terra Lago was host to the 2000 and 2001 skins games.

We played the North Course, which was stunning. I’ve tried to share with you a lot of pictures, but I have to say the course is even prettier than the camera shows.

Here’s the range – nice to get FREE balls, but we had to hit balls quite far up on the tee area and were actually having to hit every shot from a downhill lie. Now I HATE downhill lies, but it was good for me becuase I rarely practice them. This gave me a chance to play shots I usually chilly dip on the course and gave me more confidence. So when I first saw the range tees, I was upset, but then I realized it was a blessing in disguise.

So here we are at the first hole. BTW…the carts were great with nice GPS support.

Hole #2 was a “fun” par 4, which was narrow and deadly (the number 1 handicap hole for men – supposedly 13 for me, but it felt harder than that). I did a bit of army golf from rough to rough, ending with a 3 putt (NOT a happy camper at this point)

But the views were so beautiful, I couldn’t stay mad for long and recovered on the 3rd hole, a short par 4 – I was on in 2, don’t ask me how I putted.

I’m glad we had a cart, as you can see, this course takes you up into the hills. Here we are looking down at the green on number 3. I found these greens lightening fast, but that’s probably because our greens in Vancouver tend to be quite a bit slower.

I liked the 4th hole (par 3) , except for that bunker on the right. Standing in there looking up, I couldn’t see the pin.

The par 5, 6th hole is called The Alley and you can see why – it really narrows as you get to the green. I found this hole tricky because it was hard to get a flat lie (thankfully my practice of downhill lies on the range paid off on this hole).

I loved the 7th hole – very elevated tee to a small green. Parring this hole was a real pleasure, especially when none of the 4 guys ahead of us could get their balls into the hole after 3 putts each. hee hee…..sometimes I am such a “B” 🙂

The 8th hole was really stunning. In fact, the “hill” in the distance reminded me a lot of the Pu’u ‘Ola’i Crater on Wailea Emerald.

Here we are at the 11th hole – another short par 4, with a gorgeous view. Just take a look at the moutain in this shot with the snow on top.

The ‘Go for It” number 14 was a great hole. Of course, any hole where you go for the green over water and par the hole is a great hole 🙂

They call the par 3, 15th hole, “Got Balls?” Ha ha… It is a very short par 3, but with water and bunkers all around the little island green, you’ve really got to hit it just right.

Number 16 was another one of those undulating fairways where you couldn’t get a decent lie, but beautiful again…

And finally 18 – a very very long par 4 (I think it should be a par 5 for women, actually) – over 400 yards and I just couldn’t get there in 2.

And of course, more water, which really comes into play on your second shot if you try to hit the green in regulation. I didn’t even try, but every guy in the group ahead tried (and all of them heard a splash).

Here are some views of the 15th and 18th holes from the clubhouse. It was really fun watching all the players come down this stretch while we were having lunch.

Lots of balls in this pond!

Terra Lago was a terrific course – a little out of the way, but definitely worth the drive. I’ll play it again.


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