Rory not helping Faldo keep his NY Resolution

Before I go any further, a quick Congratulations to K.J. Choi for his win at the Sony Open this past weekend. I really enjoy watching him play. In fact, I’d love to have his swing – it’s so simple and such great tempo – makes golf look almost easy – yeah right!!! 🙂

Now…what I really loved was him beating out Rory Sabbatini. Those of you who read my blog know that I tend to enjoy the “bad boys” of golf, and I often defend them, but Rory’s antics on the 8th hole were embarrassing to watch – ripping the rope off the stakes, throwing his club on the ground and his then his gum, and stomping around through the crowds with that “no one better get in my way” attitude.

His temper tantrum wasn’t funny – it was sad. I am surprised Faldo didn’t say anything. But then I remembered that when Kelly Tilghman asked Nick Faldo at the Mercedes-Benz Championship what his New Year’s resolution was, he said that he was going to say something nice about Rory Sabbatini this year. ha ha…well, I guess he decided that it was better to say nothing than say what he really felt while he watched Rory act like a 2 year old.

Did you see John Daly tactfully share what he thought about the new PGA cut policy? He called it on camera “a stupid rule”. Call it like is, John!!! We love you!

87 players made the cut at par, but only 69 qualified for the weekend on 1-under or better. Apparently, last November, the PGA policy board approved a change whereby the top 70 players ties would still make the cut unless the Sat/Sun field is greater than 78 players. If that happened, the cut would be made to the number closest to 70 players.

So…U.S. Open champ Angel Cabrera of Argentina and John Daly were sent home even though they shot even par.

On to happier times…

It was so great to see Darren Clarke back on his game on the weekend at the Joburg Open, coming in 4th. I do so enjoy him, but really has to stop smoking on the course – not healthy – and it gives those idiots who think golf is not a sport (because you can smoke while you play) amunition.

Anyway, that’s how I saw the weekend.

I am really looking forward to the Bob Hope Classic now so I can watch them struggle at Silver Rock Golf Course.

Hawaii PGA tourney day at the beach for Choi

The StarPhoenix
14 Jan 2008

HONOLULU, Hawaii (Bloomberg) — K.J. Choi held on for a three-shot win over Rory Sabbatini at the Sony Open in Hawaii, completing a wire-to-wire victory in the U.S. PGA Tour’s first fullfield event of the 2008 season. Choi finished at 14-under par 266… read more…

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  1. Where is Miller when we really need him ! He would have called Rory’s behavior a disgrace to the game.
    As punishment the PGA should send him to ‘ First Tee ” for 2 weeks and force him to learn good behavior from the kids!
    Leys just face the facts. The guy is a total jerk.
    Good call Golfgal.

  2. I will have to agree, Rory needs to chill. I am not sure him going to First Tee would do much good since they wouldn’t have him either.

    I know those guys like Rory are under a lot of pressure. I am not sure I could hold up to being in Hawaii and having to worry if I left my Hummer unlocked at the airport at DFW. Or, if my Adams visor is on straight so I get my endorsement check. I just don’t think I could handle it…I might have had to throw a tantrum also just thinking about all of the problems I have from hitting a little white ball around the park.

    Lets see how Rory takes the pressure of the FBR in a couple of weeks. I wonder what the crowd will have to say when Rory takes the tee on the 16th hole.

  3. Rory is taking “Bad Boy” to a whole new level, isn’t he? I’ve got to say though, I think it would be so interesting to see the public reaction should he win a major this year.

  4. I have never really cared much for Rory and his anicts and now this latest incident reminds me again of why. And when is the Tour going to stop acting like player discipline and sanctions are akin to revealing the identities of SEAL team 6?

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