TGW ads have got to go!

So…I am sitting here watching the Mercedes Benz Championship and enjoying the Canucks Wier and Ames going head to head on the leaderboard. But then, my enjoyment is continually disrupted by the most disgusting commercials I’ve ever seen and I decided I need to say something.

A couple of years ago, used to run commercials which showed addicted golfers in therapy because they couldn’t stop shopping at I used to laugh at those commercials and they used to make me want to check out their site. I thought they were good.

And then these Chip Green/Amber Mulligan commercials were introduced and my opinion of the golf warehouse took a nose dive. I find these commercials degrading and disrespectful, especially to women golfers. For example, there’s the ad that has Amber chirping…”Then your clubs would be new!” while Chip rolls his eyes. And then there’s the one where she’s kicked off a normal golf course and has to play mini golf. And don’t forget the one where she asks the buff golfer if he’s going to break 150. Even her name bugs me – Mulligan??? What’s with that? Why doesn’t Chip have the last name “Bogie” or “Yip”?

I’m sorry, but these ads really bug me. Hey…maybe that’s what they want. As they say in marketing “It’s better to be remembered for something bad than not to be remembered at all.”

When I’m not golfing or blogging about it, I am a marketing consultant and I understand that bad publicity can sometimes have benefits, but these ads are just too pathetic for words…I’ve decided to boycott until they clean up their act.

Now…back to the golf…


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  1. I have to agree with you. The commercial doesn’t get me to want to go to their site. I feel your reaction is probably the reaction most people have and will also not check out the product. We let the Mercedes Championship start on TiVo for about 20 minutes and then we start watching it so we can fast forward through that and all of the rest of the stupid commercial TGC feel we need to see.. What happened to commercial free cable TV?

  2. Note to golfgal – Get Tivo! 🙂

  3. Nice post…I like to buy my golf products from The Golf store by using coupons….!

  4. how about the one’s last year for you know the ones with the two golfers sitting in the cart. there were several. i especially liked the one where the goofy guy talks about one in the water two out and so on>at the end, he says he needs a new golf partner and his partner says he needs to take an accting class! those guys were great>and the commercials went quick with a great message!!!! i wish they would do more with those two actors!! Jimmy

  5. Yes, those two guys were funny, but the ones with Chip Green and his wife in the cart with him in red heels – oh my…that was bad!

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