Monthly Archives: March 2008

A new fashion line for golfers – bullet proof vests

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailI don’t think Celebrity Chef Paul Prudhomme woke up Tuesday morning thinking he better put on his Kevlar vest to dodge golf balls at the Zurich Classic, but it might have been a good idea in hindsight. Prudhomme was setting up his cooking tent on the practice range at the Zurich Classic in New Orleans this week when he felt ... Read More »

Britney Spears meet John Daly – You two were made for each other!

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailGuess who’s playing in New Orleans this week? No…let me rephrase that… Guess who’s scheduled to play at the Zurich Classic in New Orleands this week? Give up? It’s John “I don’t need a coach; I need a woman in my life” Daly. Surprised? Yeah…so was I…Who would even think to offer him a sponsor’s exemption right now? And, get ... Read More »

Big Break Ka’anapali from the inside out

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailHey everyone. It’s almost time for the Big Break Ka’anapali and I’m going to be following that series very closely. Why? Because I’m going to have a special guest along the way. I am really thrilled that Christina Lecuyer, one of the Big Break Ka’anapali Golfgals, will be helping me bring “behind the ropes” commentary to you. Check out my ... Read More »

Tiger, Jordon, Gretzky, Ichiro – Now we know their secret!

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailOkay…I know I know…this post isn’t really all about golf. But golfguys and golfgals do like other sports too. Me….I am a big Seattle Mariners fan and I love Ichiro. So when I saw this story in the Seattle Times, I just had to share it. Ichiro to me is the Michael Jordan/Wayne Gretzky/Tiger Woods of baseball. There is a ... Read More »

Tiger’s Roar Louder Than Ever – Why?

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailIsn’t this a great shot? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tiger Woods get so excited after winning a tournament. That putt (reminiscent of 2001 with Lefty) will be watched over and over, but not for the putt…for Tiger’s hat flinging dance of joy. Why do you think he was sooooo expressive? Sure it is his 6th win in a ... Read More »

Daly Skinned by Telus

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail John Daly makes history in golf. He must be the first champion ever NOT to be asked to return to defend his title at an event. But anything can happen in golf and today, Daly, the 2-time defending champion of the Telus World Skins Game, will not been invited to be part of the five-man field in Vernon BC ... Read More »

Golf legend Freddie Couples Booms it at Bay Hill

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailFreddie Couples – glides instead of walks – doesn’t like the limelight that comes with fame – not crazy about being surrounded by fans – known for quotable quotes you have to read twice to understand – shy but fun – self proclaimed as lackadaisical, bad luck with the ladies… I’ve heard all these things about Boom Boom, but the ... Read More »

Daly fires caddie – Harmon fires Daly

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailI feel like a parent with a problem child. You love them to death, but you just can’t put up with them anymore. You try love in all its flavors, including “tough love”, but nothing works. Some people don’t want to be helped and they certainly don’t want to help themselves. Sometimes you just have to walk away… Such is ... Read More »

Is Ernie tired of playing or tired of playing Tiger

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailNo one loves Ernie more than I do, so no one is more disappointed to hear the news that he won’t be playing at Bay Hill than me. Sniff… According to Els’ management company, he was tired and needed rest before the Masters. A lot of people are quite critical of Ernie and I’m not really surprised. They probably just ... Read More »

Golf Sponsor Supports International Women’s Day

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailI was very pleased to see the sponsor of HSBC Women’s Champions, take a leadership role in the support of International Women’s Day today. Bravo HSBC! I’ve been a fan of HSBC ever since I won a TaylorMade Superquad driver by making a comment on their golf forum that was voted best post for August 2007. I love that driver! ... Read More »