Botox – from lips to yips

Just when you think you’ve heard it all…

Would you believe, Allergen, the makers of the wrinkle warrior drug, Botox, spent US$193,000 on a study to determine if small injections of Botox into the hands of golfers could cure the yips.

Charles Adler, a professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz., and Debbie Crews, a sports science researcher at Arizona State University in Tempe conducted a study on 50 golfers – 25 yippers and 25 non-yippers.

Golfers hit putts at 4 different holes from 2 to 4 metres. A wireless CyberGlove measured muscle activity in their right hand and forearm, while an EEG, monitored their brain activity.

The theory is that yips are primarily caused by muscle cramping and that condition could be treated by Botox injections. The study results will be compiled in a couple of months and then we’ll know if Botox is ready to move out of the cosmetic market and into sports.

What’s really interesting is that Botox is not considered a performance-enhancing drug and so it isn’t banned under golf’s new drug policy, according to PGA Tour executives.

I remember Johnny Miller had the yips later in his career. Too bad Botox wasn’t around then. Can you imagine his caddie going through his golf bag before each round saying, “14 clubs, check…2 dozen Titleists, check…6 pairs of gloves, check…extra shoes, check…4 syringes of Botox, check.

Now the golf bag manufacturers are going to have create yet another special compartment for syringes and drugs in a drug-free sport!

What will they think of next?!


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  1. If they ever do a study on the effects Jack Daniels has on your golf game I want to be part of it?

  2. Hmmm…Never tried JD and golf, but I have tried golfing after wine, bloody caesars and Mike’s hard lemonade.

    My game went south, but somehow, I just didn’t care 😉

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