New Golf Etiquette Movie starring Padraig Harrington

Hey everyone If you’ve been watching The Big Break Ka’anapali, you’ll already know that golf etiquette (or lack thereof) has fueled controversy and conflict with the contestants and has brought many golf forum participants to the boiling point over the past few weeks.

Well, I just read in The Irish Times – Sports Saturday newspaper this weekend that Pádraig Harrington and fellow golf professionals have gone Hollywood and have created a 10 minutes film that promotes good etiquette in golf.

The R&D site provides two downloads for you, which makes it a great teaching aid for golf students even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

I watched this film and thought myself a pretty knowlegeable person when it came to golf etiquette. I didn’t know some interesting facts about pitch marks and their lifecycle. I also thought the divot repair section was very good – I think I’ll send this off to some of the BB ladies, since it was a big topic of heated debate on last week’s show.

I really think this short video is worth watching – lots of great people in it (e.g Nick Dougherty, Lee Westwood and Paul Casey) and footage from famous events like the British Open and Ryder Cup.

Popcorn anyone?


Newrole for Harrington Saturday – Sports 21 Jun 2008 NEWS: Pádraig Harrington has taken a lead role in a film — to promote good etiquette in golf. The 10-minute film is available as a free download from the R&A website and will be promoted to national golfing bodies around the world as a teaching…read more…

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