Monthly Archives: July 2008

Highway 18 – Episode 2: Keri and her Gators Galore

Once again I had the pleasure to chat with Keri Murphy, the host of Highway 18, after this week’s episode. I wanted to know how the whole day started and how all the contestants ended up in a gator-filled swamp. I also wanted to know about her thoughts on the antics of A&A. I went to the right place. But ... Read More »

Michelle Wie gives up Major chance for PGA Cut AGAIN!

I wasn’t going to blog about Michelle Wie’s decision in play in yet another PGA tour event because the story is soooo old, but I came across this article in SPORT where Leadbetter holds nothing back in his criticism of Michelle’s choice (or perhaps her parent’s choice) to skip the chance to play in an LPGA Major to play with ... Read More »

Highway 18 – Episode 2: Ashleigh & Ashley – Anxiety and Antics

From an alligator-infested swamp to home of the Gators, the Highway 18 contestants once again faced challenges they would never have anticipated going into a golf competition. But that’s really what makes this show so much fun. While die-hard golf show watchers may not appreciate the non-golf related content, I think it really brings a lot of entertainment to Golf ... Read More »

Highway 18 – Keri Murphy – A new GC Star is born

Well, it was Keri Murphy’s first TV appearance as host of Highway 18 on The Golf Channel lasst night and I think she did a great job. It was refreshing to see someone with so much energy and enthusiasm on GC. I get pretty tired of the old guys who want to talk more about themselves and each other rather ... Read More »

Highway 18 – The race is on!

Soooo….how did you like episode one of Highway 18? I must admit that I loved it. I know it’s not “real golf”, but hey… we can get all the real golf we want these days on the Golf Channel and the Internet. So let’s have some fun and not take life and golf too seriously. Highway 18 was a very ... Read More »

Highway 18 – Meet Ashleigh Korzack – Little Miss Sunshine

Trouble and Sunshine – talk about a dynamic duo! Earlier we heard from Highway 18’s Little Miss Trouble, Ashley Davis and got to know why she’s described as unpredictable, crazy and entertaining. Now, we’re going to meet her partner in crime, Little Miss Sunshine, Ashleigh Korzack. I can see why Ashley Davis chose her childhood best friend as her partner ... Read More »

Highway 18 – Meet Ashley Davis – Little Miss Trouble

She’s been called unpredictable, crazy and entertaining and I can see why after chatting with Ashley Davis this week. Did you know she was “this close” to being on Big Break Ka’anapali? I wonder what kind of trouble she would have gotten into there :). We’ll never know that, but we will get to see how Little Miss Trouble gets ... Read More »

Highway 18 – Meet Keri Murphy – Golf Channel’s New Star

Hey everyone. Are you as excited to watch the first episode of Highway 18 as I am? Usually, I spend the summers watching reruns of Big Breaks inbetween tournaments and it can get a little repetitive, especially if you are an avid BB watcher who’s already seen all the originals. So I think it’s great that the Golf Channel has ... Read More »