Highway 18 – Meet Ashleigh Korzack – Little Miss Sunshine

Trouble and Sunshine – talk about a dynamic duo! Earlier we heard from Highway 18’s Little Miss Trouble, Ashley Davis and got to know why she’s described as unpredictable, crazy and entertaining.

Now, we’re going to meet her partner in crime, Little Miss Sunshine, Ashleigh Korzack. I can see why Ashley Davis chose her childhood best friend as her partner on Highway 18.

Little Miss SunShine would certainly light up any room she enters and she has that “try anything once” attitude that makes her a fearless competitor. Nothing seems to phase this girl.

I bet her mom was tearing out her hair watching her and her best friend push the limits with their dare devil antics. I can’t wait to see these two together on Highway 18. I expect we’ll be saying things like, “Can you believe she just did that!”


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