Highway 18 – The race is on!

Soooo….how did you like episode one of Highway 18? I must admit that I loved it. I know it’s not “real golf”, but hey… we can get all the real golf we want these days on the Golf Channel and the Internet. So let’s have some fun and not take life and golf too seriously. Highway 18 was a very entertaining show and one I will definitely watch each week.

One of the things I like about it is the fact that these are just ordinary people who are being put through challenges and experiences that test their emotional, mental and physical strength. Unlike the Big Break series, which often has golfers who have competed in US Opens, Highway 18 is a show with regular Joes and Josephines like you and me. On HW18, you can put yourself in a contestant’s place and so it almost feels more real to me because hey…it could be me!

The blonde babes, Ashley and Asheigh were quite the team out there tonight and although they certainly showed their feminine sides with a few tears upon meeting Arnold Palmer, they also showed that they are more than just pretty faces – these chix with stix are very competitive athletes. They sure gave the boys a “run” for their money right from the get-go.

I chatted with both the ladies after the show to get their perspective on Episode 1. Here’s what they had to say…

Ashleigh Korzack

Ashley Davis

I’ll be interviewing these gals throughout the series and also some of the other contestants, so I hope you’ll send me some questions to ask them.

Meanwhile, I look forward to all the debates, rants and raves that will continue throughout the series on all the forums. The more the merrier!


Photos courtesy of GOLF CHANNEL

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