Big Break X: Michigan – Deja Vu Divots

Well…was it what you expected after watching the previews all week? The golf definitely took a back seat tonight on Big Break X, while David took the stage. So…what did you think of his “antics”? Okay okay…”Bingo, thank you very much!” was a bit over the top, but was it really as bad as what the other contestants said in their interviews?

In any other sport, this would be tame, but not in golf. I guess that’s really what this was all about – golf etiquette. David has been called the “Lori of BB X”, the villian, the guy who should “keep his mouth off my ball” (haha…Casey does have a way with words! LOL).

David was even called “obnoxious” by the host, Stina. Now, THAT surprised me more than anything – and it convinced me more than ever that something must have happened that day that we didn’t see.

Well, only 1 way to find out! Let’s ask the other contestants.

This week I’ll start the interviews again with Michael – always lots of fun. When I talk with him after each week’s show, it’s like chatting over a beer with a friend – lots of laughs and good times. But it doesn’t end there…Michael always has something “new” to share that we haven’t heard before…like his call this week with David…

So, do you remember Big Break Ka’anapali when Christina Lecuyer stepped down on a divot made by Kim Welch and suffered the consequences? Well, I sure do. I interviewed Christina that night and throughout the series (along with many of the other contestants). When I saw tonight’s show (even the previews), I was surprised that the divot issue came up again. And after talking with Michael, I’m even more surprised. I can’t wait to ask David, “What were you thinking?!”

Caught up with Andrea Wed morning to get her thoughts on last night’s show. As you know, being eliminated two shows ago, she didn’t get to witness the events first hand, but got the scuttlebutt from the other contestants after the fact, and saw a small piece of it for the first time last night with all of us…

I next talked with David. Not sure what I was going to hear, but his opening lines were LOL funny! You gotta listen…

When I watched this Thunderball video on youtube about power hitters, I started to understand David just a little bit better…

Haymes was up next. He wasn’t too thrilled with my facebook status yesterday :), but he’s such a gentlemen…definitely a golfer.

So “the name” escaped Haymes…too bad. Hmmm….they say memory is the 2nd thing to go 😉 – better watch out Haymes! Oh well…we’ll just have to find out next week what that name was when I talk to David again.

I was wondering what Sally was feeling after watching her last night – her face and body language were pretty revealing. Reliving what was obviously a difficult time for her must have been tough…

Well, that was quite the show. I know not everyone likes the drama, but you can’t deny that it is interesting to watch – sort like a train wreck or car accident – a lot of rubbernecking happens when disasters strike. Human nature I guess. Anyway…I’ll be ready with popcorn next week!


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