Big Break X: Michigan – A great new TV stage for CSI Michigan

Shocked to see Amber and Robbie go home tonight? Well join the club! 72% of Golf Channel viewers said they thought Amber and Robbie would win over Bernie and Haymes tonight, while only 28% thought Haymes and Bernie would head into next week’s finals.

Whew! I am exhausted. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire hour. Both teams deserved to be in the finals IMHO. But tonight, wierd stuff happened that surprised me.

Bernie wasn’t quite on her game until that shot over the water. Haymes, on the other hand, was hot – getting that shot out of the woods was really quite amazing. But his strategy was bang on – try and hit a tree and it will never happen – LOL!!!

Amber was solid and consistent as ever (let’s ignore that bunker shot – it was not characteristic of her and really not a determining factor in the end), while Robbie had some bad luck or just pushed too hard when an easy stroke was really all that was needed. Did they “not win” tonight, or did they lose it for themselves. Let’s ask Amber…

You know…I think that the team dynamics were just a tiny bit off tonight for those two. Certainly the GC caught some of the dialogue and according to Amber, they got it right. Amazing what a little “lack of chemistry” can do to a team.

I was pleased to welcome back Andrea to the interviewee list today. She had a tough spell at Q school, but she’s a fighter and she’s got game, so I have no doubt that she’ll make it someday soon…

I was happy to catch up with Haymes today and get his thoughts on this week’s exciting show and what he and Bernie were going through.

Good luck next week Haymes! I sure hope to see you driving that BMW to your PGA event with your brother!

Sally had some great insights into this week’s show and good advice for match play teams. She knows what she’s talking about; just listen to hear who she got to play with. Very impressive!

David was back this week and had some very interesting comments about the play and players…

Have you ever watched David “entertain”? Check out this video.

Remind me never to take an nap on a tee box with David around, no matter how slow pace of play is 😉

Michael was at a coaches’ convention in Las Vegas last week, but he was able to chat this weekend about the 10th episode and his take on two teams. I also had to ask if it was all work and no play in Sin City 🙂

Hmmm…sounds like the coaches really did do some good work in Vegas – funny, I’ve never had that experience and I’ve been to more conventions than I can count in that adult playground ;).

Only 2 more days to go to know who walks away (or should I say, drives away) with all those prizes. Who do you think/hope it will be?


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One comment

  1. B/H should be the favorites to win it all. They are the most experienced players.

    Can see why the polls favored A/R. They are fresh faces, a good looking couple, and have a decent game with room to develop it further. You see it all the time in these types of polls.

    Sally makes a good point about match play. But in alternate shots, communication with your partner about planning for the next shot is important even if an errant shot is made. Ideally, you want to play to your partners strength without compromising on your own.

    There were some comments about Haymes shot out of the woods. I didn’t notice if the ball moved nor did I notice him remove any loose impediments out of the way that caused the ball to move, but some felt the ball did move and B/H should have gotten a one stroke penalty, under Rule 18-2c. Maybe I taped a shorter version of the episode with that part edited out…lol.

    Both teams made mistakes. B/H just played smarter and took less chances. The previous episode showed them take a chance and they lost the hole. They learned their lesson and pretty much played for or scrambled to play par golf.

    As far as the A/R team, Amber was hitting it short, but straight and that’s probably from her being nervous. Going to a longer club would have given her the extra 10 yards she expected to get to reach the green. Robby wasn’t playing his game at all and made a few questionable high risk/reward decisions that cost their team. Surprised he didn’t use a hybrid or 3-wood on that par 5 to punch it up close on the right side instead of that 5-iron that hit the tree branches. Both are early in their careers, so if they watch the tape and study it, they can learn more about themselves, where their game can be improved, review their decisions/shot selections, and they gained more experience that may help them in the future.

    Don’t know if the teams had a choice who would tee off, but at least Robby should have in every alternate shot hole. The women were better, more consistent with their iron play on that day.

    As far as personal preference on who wins next week, I like C/H to win. They are the best ‘team’ and have a good attitude about this ‘competition’. Few know that Cammie had to give up her amateur status to participate in the show.

    In any case, it should be an exciting episode next week. I expect to see it go down to the wire or even a few playoff holes. Cheers to the winners.

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