Sweet Spot Golf and the Power of Pink

As an independent marketing consultant, I am always happy to see entrepreneurs embark on a mission to do something different and to make a difference. And when those entrepreneurs are involved in the wonderful world of golf, then my excitement level for them grows to the point where I can’t sit by and just watch them succeed – I want to share their successes with others.

Such is the case of Sweet Spot Golf. I first heard about them last year while interviewing Keri Murphy of Highway 18. She became a spokesperson for them last summer and I was impressed to learn that Sweet Spot Golf donates money to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every Think Pink club they sell.

Earlier this year, I watched them pop up on a few sites, such as Sports Agent Blog where their sports branded putter was showcased.

Then I saw they were sponsors at The Successful Women’s Super Bowl Luncheon. I thought that was pretty cool.

And recently they showed up again in a very slick graphic on Experience Scottsdale Blog. Check out the golf club in this picture ->

Shortly after watching Uneven Fairways on Golf Channel, I was privileged to interview Scott Yancy III, a young pro golfer with sights on the PGA. Scott was using Sweet Spot clubs and finding extra distance with them.

And just this week, I heard that Sweet Spot Golf had signed a big deal with National Golf Schools. For those who don’t know about National Golf Schools, they are the “#1 Resort Golf School in the Worldโ€ with 90 locations nationwide and internationally. National Golf Schools is launching their Women’s National Golf School (WNGS) and are now partnered with Sweet Spot to jointly promote golf products and instruction to women.

Well… when I heard about that, I had to find out, first hand, what makes these guys (and their very cool clubs) tick. I had the pleasure of talking to Brian Allman (President, on the right) and Chuck Parise (Club Designer Extraordinaire on the left) today for the first time and what a great time I had!

Yes, Brian and Chuck have a product line that is creating a buzz in the industry these days. I really like their clubs, but now that I’ve met these two gentlemen, I’m a fan of them and their business too. It’s fun to watch nice people do great things and be awarded for their efforts. It’s even more fun to be able to share that news with others.*

*No animals were hurt in the taping of this interview and I am not being paid by Sweet Spot Golf to promote their products. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. What are the odds that we both did interviews w/these guys in the same week! I loved what you did! You can see my interview at http://www.golfishardtv.com

    BTW, I am really enjoying catching up on your blog Nice job all around.


  2. Thanks Marc! I just checked out your interview. Very nice!

    Let’s keep in touch – I love what you are doing with your tv stuff.

    Sweet Spot is a great company and Brian and Chuck are the nicest people. They have great clubs and they have great values and vision. I hope they are super successful. But against the “big guns” it will be tought – like David and Goliath. But we know who won that fight, don’t we ๐Ÿ˜‰

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