Monthly Archives: March 2009

Letter to LPGA Commissioner Ms. Bivens on LPGA stance on citizen journalists

Back in December 2008, I read a blog interview with Carolyn Bivens regarding Social Media and Equality. In it she said, “We recognize the importance of reaching today’s youth and our global fanbase via social networking sites, and continue to explore opportunities for us in this emerging arena. We recently have established Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites.” Well, I just ... Read More »

Monty walks 6000 miles to reach 500th tournament milestone

I’ve been watching European Golf for many years now and I admit I often find it more enjoyable to watch than the regular PGA. When I tell people that, they think I’m crazy or even unpatriotic, but it’s true. And it’s because of the “characters” that play “over there”, on and off the course. First, there’s Renton Laidlaw – not ... Read More »

Meet Golfer Gal, co-owner of The Hackers Paradise

On Monday, I shared with you an interview with Josh (AKA JB), co-owner of The Hackers Paradise. Josh talked about why so few women join golf forums and what makes THP different from the big incumbents out there. Today, I’m pleased to introduce to you to the “better half” of that team (LOL – no offence Josh), the female co-owner ... Read More »

Tag, you’re it! Having fun playing WITB on Find The Fairways

Recently I discovered a new golf site in the UK – How did I discover it? Well, I was “tagged” by them on behalf of Natalie Gulbis in their “Bag tag – what’s in your golf bag” contest. Cool! I just had to join in on the fun, so here’s what’s in my bag… What golf bag?. Callaway Golf ... Read More »

Josh From The Hackers Paradise talks about women on golf forums

Yesterday, my online golfing buddies helped me put together a post on “Golf Forums – Where are the Women?” Their insights from inside the ropes were terrific and I can’t thank them enough for helping me put that article together. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with someone who has an intimate knowledge of the golf forum world – ... Read More »

Golf Forums – Where are the women?

Last week, I published a post about the lack of women in golf. A number of my on & offline golfing friends chipped in and helped provide some great opinions and advice on that subject. This week I want to talk about the lack of women in golf forums. Why are there so few and what needs to be done ... Read More »

Perseverance – the power of the Pink Panther

I just spent the day playing 18 holes of golf in the great up north (Canada), where the wind chill factor was below the freezing mark. When we drove away from the clubhouse, the snow was blowing sideways. I was sooooo cccccoooollllldddd! How cold was I, you ask? I was so cold that when I said to my playing partners ... Read More »