Big Break PEI: Episode 3: Kim comes up short

Well, tonight’s Big Break PEI episode was a combination of chemistry, tension, and jockularity.

Chemistry “allegedly” between Derek and Nicole, self-inflicted nerves by Kim and good old Irish humor from “Ms. Feherty” (AKA Brenda McLarnon).

I guess the guys were feeling a bit better after this show, given they lost two of their own the first two weeks, but I was sad to see Kim come up short on her approach shots.

I try so hard to stop my ball on the green with my irons and they just roll right through. To see her nail her shots on the green and have them stop dead made me both jealous of her and sad for her at the same time. I wanted to yell at her, “Just take one more club!” everytime she went for the green.

Oh well, every week, I seem to be yelling at someone on the TV, but this week I did more laughing than yelling. Brenda kept me in stitches the whole night.

Well, you won’t have to think too hard to figure out what I wanted to ask Derek “Dreamboat” Gillespie about last night’s show…

Haha…Derek is a good sport taking all the teasing. I guess it all came down to “injury loves company” 😉

Next up, Brian shares what he was going through during a very rollercoaster emtional ride last night…

Don’t forget to check out Brian’s new website that will be up soon:

I caught up with Nicole later today and asked her as well about the “rumour mill” and her answer matched Derek’s. Darn! I thought we had something thing.

Haha, imagine her sitting and watching last night’s show with her new boyfriend. I can only imagine what he was thinking – too funny!

Gerina had such a great night last night, smashing that ball down the grid. I had to ask her how it felt beating all the boys…

And last, but certainly not least, the star of last night’s episode, the woman who nailed her first shot only 5 feet from the hole, Blair O’Neal…

Is it me, or are these contestants just waaaay too nice to each other. Haha…Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing 😉

I caught up with Mike from BB X later this week while he was chopping food for a BBQ with his team.

Som interesting observations about the elimination challenge I hadn’t thought about before. I wonder what would have happened if Brian and Kim had putted out that last hole. Hmmm….

Anyway, it’s glass breaking time next week. This is always one of my favorite contests and adding the school yard antics to it should be a lot of fun.


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  1. Gayle, I wondered about the length of that immunity shot also. In the hosts review video on Golf, Charlie Rymer said it was 80 yards.

    In that video, Charlie disagreed with Stina regarding whether Brian should have picked up twice. It was absolutely the proper decision, significantly more chance of injury or damaging a club he might need on a later hole than any opportunity to fluke the green. It looks like many players on the bench had no idea Brian’s shots were stymied to that extent. Brenda said give it a shot, and in this week’s worthless group confessional Caroline said the same thing.

    I’ve watched Tiger drive it in the trees for more than a decade and he’s never found a predicament like Brian faced, let alone twice in a row.

  2. 80 yards? Brenda thought it was 97-100. Maybe that’s why people were missing it – didn’t know how long it really was 😉

    I would never have tried to hit those shots – that would have been crazy.

    Brian definitely had to pick up.

  3. Gad, I think this week’s editing was more kind to Brian than his interview. No need for the brief profanity, or the defensive mode concerning Aaron’s comments about Brian’s driving distance.

    After listening to this, I don’t think Brian is the eventual winner. He found the phrase “biggest disappointment” plus he seemed to separate the PEI weather in terms of episodes he was involved in compared to conditions after his elimination. We’ll see.

    I had to laugh at the end. Gayle always uses a Larry King-style, and very effective, “Anything else you want to tell me?” It is absent from Brian’s interview. That might be a first.

    I win my over 14 minutes wager on Brian’s interview, mentioned in a comment last week. That was cupcakes. But luckily I blew the pessimistic guess than Nicole was on the brink of elimination. 🙂

  4. Wow huge post :). Yeah 80 yards, not too sure about that? Brian picking up, yup Asi definitely the right decision.

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