Big Break Disney loses a champion

Since the day I read the Big Break Disney announcement about this season’s contestants I was absolutely certain Vincent Johnson, the first recipient of the Charlie Sifford Exemption at the 2009 Northern Trust Open, would be the winner. And I was right. Vincent is a winner. The Big Break lost. The wrong person went home.

Vincent has game, talent, attitude, determination and heart. What more could anyone ask for in a champion? Watching him leave the show tonight made me the saddest I’ve been on any Big Break to date (and I’ve watched them all).

But knowing Vincent, this little set back won’t do any harm to him or his career. He’s battled other challenges, (like Graves Disease in 2007) and I have no doubt in my mind that we will see Vincent hold a very big trophy someday on the PGA, w/o any help from the Big Break.

I spoke with Vincent tonight and, as usual, he had great comments about tonight’s show, the other contestants, and ‘what we didn’t see’ (my favorite part of every interview)…

I am so happy that Vincent has agreed to continue the interviews every week. I know he’ll add a lot of great commentary to the shows going forward. Thanks Vincent!

Blake looked like he was going to break a club or two tonight and exit stage left, but when push comes to shove, this guy sure pulls off the shots when he really needs them. Nothing surprises me about this man! He’s one to watch!

Kevin’s on a plane tonight, so I’ll have to catch up with him next week to congratulate him on his long drive immunity win, and find out more about that ride in the racecar. Looked awesome! Stephanie looked pretty cool in that thing too, don’t you think? 🙂 Lucky golfgal!


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  1. Blake is the loser every week

  2. It seems like Golfgal is on the “I hate Andrew” bandwagon as well after listening to Blake’s interview. Unfortunately for her, supporting Blake in any way, shape, or form shows her true colors. Sorry to see that Golfgal hasn’t interviewed the contestant that has shown the most class on the show, Andrew.


  3. AMEN! He should’ve went home a long time ago. Same with Kevin, he sucks too. I’ve been playing for only 2 years and I’m better than them.

  4. This is why I love blogging. I get so many different opinions. I love all of yours even when they don’t jive with mine. thanks for sharing! It’s why I am here 😉

    BTW…I tried to interview Andrew before BB started and was told ‘No way!’. Okay…that’s fine. But if he ever wants to talk to me, I’d love to get his thoughts on the episodes and other contestants.

  5. Golfgal,

    Thanks for your thoughts. I would love for you to ask the contestants if they understand how classless they have been on the show? I know that editing can determine a lot as to how we perceive them but the comments that Blake has made in the past, and others for that matter, are both unsportsmanlike and childish. Golf discussion boards all over the internet are having a heyday with Blake. My best guess is that during the filming Blake and Mike thought that Andrew would look like the villain but as the show has progressed it is clear that public favor has swung hard to Andrew’s side. And rightfully so.

  6. Hi “S”
    Having followed so many BBs, it would appear that this BB is not much different when it comes to “people behaving badly”. And you are right, the editors do exploit every chance they get to highlight those outbursts. Blake has said on more than one occassion that he was embarrassed to see himself lose his temper on the show. Normally the contestants will justify their behavior OR say the editors took things out of context. But Blake didn’t do that – he really shoots from the hip – on the show and in his interviews. His heart is on his sleeve (same as Mike). I get the feeling he’d like to “do over” some moments on the show (like this week’s explosions).

    Yes, Andrew was set up to be the villain from the beginning, but isn’t it strange that the other players seem to have an issue with him too? OR is that good editing? Maybe a bit of both. Even he has said not all the guy like him in his interviews.

    It would be nice to get Andrew’s side of this issue on the blog. As I said before I’d love to chat with him.

    But I will ask your question next week of the guys I know, so come back and hear what the others have to say.

  7. Thanks Golfgal. I appreciate your comments. I am anxious to hear what the guys have to say about their explosions and even more interested to hear what they say about their comments, under their breath or otherwise, that aim to target other players. When you say something like “we have to get him outta here” referring to getting Andrew off the show, I believe you lose the support of those that feel golf is a gentleman’s game. Just my two cents.

  8. This BB has broken down to a popularity contest rather than a golf contest. It reminds me of 7th grade. Andrew may talk a bit, but he’s calm and polite. Those other twits should stick to their golf and everything else would take care of itself. Blake is an absolute idiot.

  9. Andrew is my favorite by far. Blake was the worst (golfer and attitude), and I am glad to see him go. He should be ashamed for damaging the green on purpose. I think its funny that they all are trying to take out Andrew, but when he wins they get mad. Umm, hes a good golfer. If you want to be smart go up against a bad golfer. Golfgal.. this is the first time I’ve been on your site, but I can’t believe you like Blake over Andrew. Would you relly enjoy playing golf with someone that acts like that??

  10. Hey John
    Thanks for visiting and your comments. I do like Blake. Yes, it’s true. But that’s because I have come to know him and he’s exactly who you see – passionate, vocal and very honest. He wears his heart on his sleeve. Underneath that passion, he is a really good guy. Others on the show really like him, although they don’t always like his behavior and are honest about that. I like that.

    I don’t mean to come across as not liking Andrew. Maybe I just need to get to know him a bit better. As I said before, I’d love to interview him.

    But thanks for your thoughts – keep them coming!


  11. Blake is a bad golfer, a goofball and not a very nice guy at all. His lack of confidence is inspired and reinforced by his bad golf. He sucks and he knows it when his mouth stops working. So where does he get such a big mouth? You would think lousy golfers like that shut their mouth and fall under the radar.

    Sure Andrew talks to much but he is displaying more gentlemanly qualities than most of these guys.

    None of these guys are very good. They can hit good shots at times but have nowhere near the consistency that is required to even miss the cut each week on the Nationwide tour.

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