Mirror Tees let you “Tip it and Rip it!”

They say that good things come in small packages and recently I was reminded of how true that cliche really is – even in golf.

Last month I was vacationing in Maui and played a round of golf at Ka’anapali with my new galpal, Shelley, and her friend, Tony. I expected my game to be a bit rusty, having not played in a month, but my drives were some of the best I had ever hit. Shelley started calling me a sandbagger and I kept saying, “No, no, really…I never hit my drives that far! It must be these new tees I just got.”

I went on to explain that I had received some pink and white samples of the Mirror Tee just before I left Vancouver and thought I’d give them a try on my holiday. I had read that you’re supposed to lean them forward toward your target about 15 degrees – if you do, it takes spin off your ball and it goes farther. Farther – I like farther 😉

So then Tony said, “Okay, let me try one.” I gave him one of the few white ones I had and Shelley one of the pinks. And on the next hole, when Shelley told us we needed a “far far away club” ;), Tony teed up his ball with his new Mirror Tee and let it rip.

And wouldn’t you know it, BAM! – Tony’s ball flew so far down the fairway that jokes were being made about time zones and area codes. Haha…

The day was full of drives like that from all of us and it wasn’t long before Tony was asking me for as many tees as I could spare. Not that he needed many – I played 13 rounds of golf with just 1 Mirror Tee and it’s still as good as new.

Now I don’t know all the technology behind the Mirror Tee, but I do know that it really worked for me. I shot my best round of my life on Lana’i using that 1 tee and now it’s the only tee I’ll use.

I’m putting them in the Xmas stockings of all my golf buddies this year. I know they will thank me when they “tip it and rip it” on their next drive.


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  1. I should email my girlfriend about your post.

  2. I’m skeptical about this. I think you got paid to endorse this, didn’t you.

  3. Hey Tiger. Nope, did not get paid to endorse this. But it sure would be nice if I did. Then I could quit my day job 🙂

    A lot of people ask me to review products. My answer always is, “Sure, I’ll try it. If I like it I’ll write about it. If I dont’, I’ll say nothing.” So I only write about things I like. And I really like these tees.

  4. This is interesting. I kind of want to give them a try now. I have found some excellent equipment at http://www.grayfoxgolf.com/ that I love using. You should check it out sometime. They have great stuff.

  5. Yes, it has been a fiesty bunch this series. But if you’ve watched previous BBs, this kind of behavior isn’t all that uncommon.

    I have always thought of golf as a gentleman’s game as well, and Jack was certainly indicative of that. But in my experience, on the course, I’ve seen way worse than Blake or Mike.

    Sadly, times, they are a changing I guess.

    I have faced my own anger mgt issues on the course. But when I get mad, I stop talking. Not much fun to be around, but no clubs or courses get hurt 😉

  6. It’s interesting that another reviewer of this tee (http://www.golfblogger.co.uk/post/best-golf-accessories–mirror-golf-tees-alllow-you-to-tip-it-and-rip-it-for-optium-driving-distance) also was making jokes about area and zip codes after using this tee. Curious…

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