Kudos to these pro women golfers who won’t roll over for sponsorship

As a marketing consultant, I’m often asked by young pro golfers, “Can you help me find a sponsor?” Even in the best economic times, sponsorship money is hard to come by. So imagine what it’s like for today’s new golf professionals who are trying to make it in the big leagues. It is especially difficult women, who constantly struggle to capture their fair share of the $195B the golf industry generates every year.

Now, I could get into a rant about pathetic purses in the Duramed FUTURES Tour compared to the NationWide; and I could go on and on about the PGA:LPGA financial imbalance, but I won’t. 🙂 Instead I’m going to applaud the entrepreneural spirit of 6 professional women golfers who decided to take matters into their own hands and not sit by waiting for someone to dish them out some cash.

Stacey Bieber, Highway 18 champion, Charlotte Campbell, Big Break Ka’anapali contestant Susan Choi, Julie Miller, Katie Miller and Big Break Michigan challenger Amber Prange

have banded together to launch GolfProGirls.com.

A first-of-its-kind venture, GolfProGirls.com was designed specifically to help women golfers of all ages and skill levels improve their game and have more fun.

According to Charlotte Campbell, “GolfProGirls.com is for anyone that is interested in learning and improving their game. Because you have 8 teachers, you have 8 different approaches to the game that everyone can benefit from. It’s hard to find the right teacher but with this site, you can pick and choose what you like. I loved working with Rick Martino and really took a lot away from the lesson personally. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised with the entire golfprogirls.com experience.”

Along with Martino, the Teaching Academy brings to GolfProGirl members the talents of PGA Hall of Famer, Dr. Gary Wiren, Todd Sones a Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor, Top 100 Teacher and head of instruction at Pebble Beach, and Matt Kluck, Master PGA Instructor, to name a few.

And if top golf instruction isn’t enough, there are holiday destination profiles, equipment reviews, rule and etiquette tips and “behind the ropes” interviews with players, pros and celebrities. You can even book a GolfProGirl at your next corporate golf event – quite the draw, don’t you think?

Given how hard it is to find time between hectic travel and playing schedules, I am really impressed with what these women have done to get this site off the ground. I can’t wait to see it grow and prosper, setting an example for the young and hungry golfers coming out of college. Gals and guys…you don’t have to wait for sponsors to discover you; use the talents, brains and discipline that got you this far in your career and use them be master of your own destiny.

Follow GolfProGirls on twitter and facebook. And if you’re wondering what to give that special golfer in your life on their birthday or Valentines, think about a year’s subscription to GolfProGirls.com. It will cost you less than a large bucket of range balls a month.

Well done ladies! Now go out there and show that you girls don’t just rock, you are on a roll!


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  1. I think this goes way beyond entrepreneurial spirit, Gayle. If the girls are serious about it, they could really help build a presence for the women’s game.

    While signing autographs and such are important, they can only happen at certain places with a few people. If they make themselves available to the people who use their site (like checking in when they have a few free moments – something that is practical with a website and email), they could build a groundswell of popularity that gives the women’s game a new foothold in the public consciousness.

  2. You are so right Mike. This could really be the kind of boost women’s golf needs. The more social this site becomes and the more it connects real pro golfers with the people they serve with this site, the more influential it will be.


  3. McRedmond Morelli

    Gayle: nice piece on the golfprogirls.com. Anytime we can get more people involved with golf…especially young girls…this the whole sport wins!

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