Peggy Ference is making golf history and playing in the US Open Challenge at Pebble Beach!!!


We did it!  We banded together, blogged and facebooked and twittered about it.  We voted religiously every day in April and our votes resulted in Peggy Ference winning the US Open Challenge Contest.  Check out the story in Golf Digest.

I am so excited for her.  Now everyone of us golfgals can live a bit vicariously through her as she  tries to do what no one has done before – break 100 at the US Open Challenge.

Congratulations Peggy!  We are so proud of you!  You go girl!!!!


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  1. Hey Peggy,
    Congratulation nice me too feel very proud about you. Keep it up. May “GOD” bless you.

  2. Love break through moments like this! I can remember when I was a young player, being the only girl on the range with all of the guys and having them say, “You swing pretty good for a girl.”

    It is fantastic to see a great player like Peggy get out there and mix it up with the guys! Good for her!


  3. Gayle, do we know yet which tees she’ll be playing from? I can just hear it now from the guys, complaining that she broke 100 because “she didn’t play from the real tees.”

  4. Hi Mike
    That’s a very good question. Let me see if I can find out. There will always be someone who rains on the parades of others.


  5. I just wish that we would keep the gender thingy intact! I have no problems with women playing golf nor men playing golf…It’s just not right! If a tournament is for men then let it all be men. If a tournament is for women, then let it all be women. Otherwise, they should just create one thats open for both women and men alike. No special invites or exemptions! Haay naku! What does this really accomplish?

  6. Hi Coach
    You know, I would love to see more official mixed tournaments rather than exemptions. My husband and I love to play golf together, but at our club there aren’t that many opportunities to play tournaments together.

    I’m not big on exemptions either as it usually means someone loses their spot in the roster, but I love to watch the women and men play together.

    A Ryder/President’s Cup format with mixed teams would be lots of fun to watch.


  7. Monique Agatep Ignacio

    Whoo hoo! I voted for her!!!!!!

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