Monthly Archives: July 2010

Big Break Sandals 6: From Sucking to Saving

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Well, this week’s Big Break Sandals had some pretty hilarious moments.  Imagine 9 women of that caliber not being able to hit a tee shot into the fairway at 200 yards. I know it’s nerve racking and it’s not “real golf”, but it sure made me LOL to see all of them miss – especially the former Big Break ... Read More »

Golf getaways aren’t just for golfguys!

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailI’ve been hearing about golf escapes for men for years, always feeling a twinge of envy when I read about the fun they have and lifetime memories they take away from their trips. I always wondered sadly why we never hear about getaways for golfgals. I figured it was just that women were too wrapped up in the daily grind ... Read More »

Big Break Sandals 5: Extraordinary Eagles and Exits

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailLots of WOW moments on this week’s Big Break Sandals. Wow, did you see Sara’s eagle! Wow, did Taryn really wiff on TV? Wow, check out Taryn’s amazing comeback 80 yard pitch to almost eagle out on that 479 yard par 5. And WOW, did Ryann really get eliminated this week? Now THAT surprised me. Ryann’s long and strong and ... Read More »

Big Break Sandals 4: Stacey Stumbles

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailAlways sad to see someone leave the Big Break, but for a Canadian, it was particularly tough for me to watch Stacey take the walk. I was just getting to know her with our first interview last week and then suddenly, she’s gone. I hate it when that happens! But I don’t think she’ll be forgotten. Stacey’s “beach shot” in ... Read More »

Big Break Sandals 3: Maiya can’t fend off shark attack

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailI think Carling spoke for all of us golfgals tonight when she said, “I have a crush on Greg Norman.” Oh ladies, don’t we all? From the day I saw him in that sexy “down under” straw hat in the 80’s, I was hooked line and sinker by The Shark. And I didn’t take up golf until 20 years later! ... Read More »