Big Break Sandals 3: Maiya can’t fend off shark attack

I think Carling spoke for all of us golfgals tonight when she said, “I have a crush on Greg Norman.”

Oh ladies, don’t we all? From the day I saw him in that sexy “down under” straw hat in the 80’s, I was hooked line and sinker by The Shark. And I didn’t take up golf until 20 years later!

His kind of charisma doesn’t wear off with age, so no wonder these young Big Breakers were overwhelmed by his presence. If the first immunity challenge was any indication, most of these ladies were a tad “off their game” around one of the greatest players in the world.

I am not sure if Maiya was still feeling the pressure of the “flop shot” foozle she made in the first immunity challenge, but it was sad that her short game betrayed her in the elimination challenge to none other than her former college teammate, Ryann.

Frankly, her drive and 2nd shot were pretty good – not really long, but still good shots. I was expecting a solid up and down from Maiya in the end, but it was not to be. Not that it really mattered with Ryann’s great birdie putt, but I would have liked to see Ryann win the hole over Maiya, instead of Maiya losing it. Too bad…

I wonder if sending her friend home will have an impact on future episodes for Ryann. I guess we won’t know until we watch…

Speaking of birdies…

Although Stacey did not have to hole-out to achieve immunity, her shot from the beach was truly a stroke of genius. I couldn’t wait to ask her about it during our first interview tonight…

Thanks Stacey!

Had a chance to catch up with Taryn today and get her take on this week’s show and the drama going on around her…

Carling also joined me to talk about the difficult day she had, battling blood sugar levels and barbs with Sara. Had to ask her how that started and how it all worked out in the end.

Thanks ladies!


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  1. Great stuff, Gayle! Miss reading your reports over at THP, I think a lot of people there would love to read your insights. See ya around!

    Mike aka Smallville

  2. Hey Mike
    I really appreciate your comment. Thanks!!

    If the admin wants me to post my BB posts there, I’d be happy to, but I’ve been burned so often on forums saying that my posts are spam, that I just stopped completely posting the links.

    You know…you could always post them 🙂


  3. I’m not allowing Sarah benefit of the doubt. She has a demonstrated tendency. Kelly was defensive about her status as oldest player, and shortest hitter. So Sarah used a put down that incorporated both, including a weaseled whisper, emphasizing the word old, at the far end of the bench from Kelly after the 207 yard drive.

    Carling has a vulnerability toward diabetic realities, and was having a particularly troubled day, so Sarah predictably aimed at blood sugar, using the specific words. It was hardly a generic comment.

    I’d have tipped over the bench, preferably on Sarah’s head. My mom died after complications from diabetes. My uncle was a life long diabetic who went blind, then had his leg amputated below the knee, before he died at an early age.

    I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone regarding analysis of these episodes, on message boards and here, with Carling targeted while Sarah gets a pass, including from Taryn. Sarah hustled opinion against Kelly by emphasizing Kelly said she should be “fanning” her. The girls took it seriously. Fanning by itself is such an eccentric and anachronistic term, I almost guarantee it was in jest.

    I have no interest in listening to any of Sarah’s interviews here, and that’s a first, including Blake, who flew off the handle but had interesting qualities. Sarah strikes me as someone who conceals her dagger. But not from a handicapper.

    I’m sorry Ryann isn’t interviewing. That indicates to me she didn’t win, based on past victors always making themselves available. Of course, Ryann IS busy, including a Futures Tour win last week. I was surprised you didn’t congratulate Carling on her closing 67-68 last week.

    Sorry for the marathon comment. I’m traveling beginning next week so I exhausted what I had to say. 🙂

  4. Hey Awsi! So great to hear from you as always. I really enjoy your insights and commentary

    Never say never on Ryann. I can only do a few interviews a week as I am very busy this summer, so I started slow, but plan to add more later. I certainly would love to interview Ryann, but haven’t approached her yet. As you know, I do not know the outcome of these shows and choose to keep it that way.

    I am so embarrassed that I didn’t know about Ryann’s win or Carling’s great close – Sorry Ryann & Carling! I will try and stay on top of the FT a bit better going forward.

    Look forward to hearing back from you Awsi when you return from travels.


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