Poulter Vision – a cool video of a cool dude

Earlier this week I received an email out of the blue from a UK company asking me to take a look at a new video  released called “Poulter Vision”.

Naturally as an avid Ian Poulter fan, I had to take a look.  It made me smile. In fact, I have now watched it 5 times.

At first I didn’t think it was him, so I check out his twitter page  and sure enough, @IanJamesPoulter  tweeted just yesterday:  “Check out the Oakley commercial it was great fun filming with spoony.”

He also posted a fun picture of himself and Bubba Watson on twitpic.  Isn’t it great to see that the guys can still be friends after the Ryder Cup feuding is over?  Not all sports are like that.  Golfers are a special breed.

Anyway, check out “Poulter Vision” – a Point of View video showing some of Ian’s slick skills and shots used in the Cup…

Now I know that Ian isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I think he’s smashing! I love his style, passion, talent, sense of humor, clothes, shoes and hair.

Oh…and after watching this video, I want his car!

Mine was totalled last week by an 80+ year old woman who had just got engaged to her older boyfriend.  Apparently he flew in from Ottawa to propose to her that day. 

I think maybe her hormones were raging as she was driving home from dinner – she side swiped 3 cars parked in front on my house before careening into mine.

But you gotta love a good love story.  The couple had been engaged 60 years ago and broke up. They recently reconnected and fell in love again.  Altogether now…”Ahhhhhh!” 😉

Okay, I’m off to buy a new car.  Unless, of course, Ian wants to donate one of his to an adoring fan. 😉


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  1. Ouch, not such a great accident.

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