Move over Camilo and Adam, there’s a hot new golfguy on tour

For those of us who hate watching pro-ams (it’s all ams and little or no pros), thank goodness there was more on TV than the Pebble Beach National. I think it’s a huge shame that they ruin that tournament (and course) with all the razzmatazz of adding celebrities to it.

I find it so annoying to miss watching “real golf” so some nimrod announcer can hobnob with the stars. I find the whole telecast a waste of time. If it wasn’t for the PVR fast forward button I wouldn’t have seen any of it.

Anyway, back to great golf…

It was an especially “interesting” weekend in Dubai. Tiger was back, or was he, or wasn’t he? One minute you were sure he’d never be the same golfer he once was and the next thing he’s back holing unlikely eagle putts. He couldn’t keep it altogether this weekend, but he’s making it clear, he’s not finished yet.

Although one of my all-time faves, defending champ, Miguel-Angel Jimenez, didn’t pull off another win, it was nice to see a fellow country man take the title in such a “made for TV” fashion.

Cadiz’s el hombre, Alvaro Quiros, turned in a roller coaster scorecard that included an eagle four birdies, a bogey, a triple-bogey and an ace, to win by one.

I’ve always enjoyed watching Alvaro Quiros; you never know what’s going to happen. He should be the poster boy for “Never give up; never surrender“.

Wish I could have said the same for the man who was 2nd in the world only a year ago. Sergio started the week off so well (67, 67), and it was great to see those flashes of brilliance from him again.

But watching him and Tiger in “match play” on Sunday was not what I was hoping to see.  I wish those two would grow up and shake hands and stop carrying a grudge that no one cares about.  Quit acting like children boys – start acting like gentlemen!

Speaking of adolescents…Ladies have you seen the latest young buck who’s heating up the fairways on the European Tour?  If not, then you have got to check out the 20-year old from Nice, Victor Dubuisson.

He’s a Q-school graduate with an impressive amateur record (he won the European Individual Amateur Champion in 2009 which launched him to the top of the World Amateur Rankings).

Last week he finished 9th in the Qatar Masters and, if he hadn’t been distracted  by playing with Lee Westwood on Saturday, I am sure he would have finished better than 31st at Dubai.  But isn’t it refreshing to hear a new talent admit to being awe-struck by a veteran, “It was the first time I’ve played with a very famous player and it was with the World Number One. On the first two holes I started with two bogeys and I didn’t even realise I was two over par because I was busy watching Lee playing! I watched his shot and then played mine but I was thinking about how he would play his next shot.”

You would never hear Tiger or Sergio admit something like that on their first year on tour.

Honesty, humility and hunked-ness – Ooh La La!

Now is it just me, or does he remind you of someone, or some two?

Back in 2008, Golf Channel announced their Top 10 Sexiest Golfers Award.  I think it’s time to revisit that list with Monsieur Dubuisson right up there with Spiderman and the awesome athlete from Adelaide.

 I do believe this young man has a very bright future on the pro circuit.  But if for some reason that doesn’t quite work out, I would suggest he consider himself a candidate for a future Pirates of the Caribbean lead.

The way that series is growing in popularity,  it may end up following the path of the Bond series – one hunk after another for cougarls everywhere to enjoy.

Sounds purrr-fect to me 😉


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