Big Break IW: “Just In” …Time to go home

There have been many Big Breaks with players that just don’t connect with the viewing audience.  We had Brian at BB PEI and DR; and David Mobley got the drama working at BB Michigan and DR, but both of those players were somewhat caricatures.  They were showmen playing to the cameras.  And I got to know them and really enjoyed chatting with them after the show regardless of what they said on screen.

But tonight, Justin’s comments and attitude were so driven to win regardless of what he thought, said or did that I began to wonder….what’s going on there?  Why is he so negative to everyone and everything?   We know he didn’t really connect with Kent, but still…was something going on we didn’t know about?  Will was supportive to him on the show tonight so there must be a side we haven’t seen yet.

So…I went back and read his bio on the Golf Channel and Justin’s journey to his BB hasn’t been easy.  After reading it, I thought, okay, Golfgal, be easy on Justin.  There’s more to this than 3 episodes.  Justin, I wish you well.  You have game – please take it as far as it can take you and try and smile along the way.  Life is too short to be so angry.

Tonight I had the pleasure to chat with David Byrne about this week’s episode.  As usual, he was full of vip, vim and vigor about the whole show and it was a joy just listening to him talk.  I am soooo happy he’s still with us!

My mother always had a saying about people as nice as David, “He wouldn’t say $#&* if his mouth was full of it.” LOL!   Gotta love my mom and gotta love David.  Maybe Mr. Byrne should be giving Mr. Payne  lessons in positive thinking and speaking.

I had the pleasure again early this AM to chat with Robbie “Shank” Biershenk about this eventful episode.  As always, he was charming and funny.  And what’s even better is that he laughs at himself.  Truly a gem of a man and not a bad putter either (even with rentals :))….

Well, this was a wonderful surprise.  Carl Whyte has joined the group thanks to an introduction from Robbie.  I was really curious about his definition of GOLF and his little red book.  What a delight it was talking to him…enjoy!

I don’t know about you, but I think this is one of my favorite Big Break’s of all time.  I love the format, the challenges, the money angle and expecially the people.  I wish I could interview them all, but then I’d have to quit my day job and then I’d need a Big Break 🙂

Until next week…

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