Big Break IW 6: Oren is Ousted

How does a golfer putt from 35+ yards out and get it to tap-in range at the hole and then miss the next putt?  I guess we’d have to ask Oren – this week’s Big Break eliminated contestant. 

No question, given 100 chances to make that short putt, Oren would have sunk it 99 times.  But isn’t it always the way?  It’s the inches that will kill you in golf, not the hundreds of yards it takes to get to that point.   I realize it wasn’t that particular putt that sent him walking, but it certainly couldn’t have helped his confidence with the flat stick later in the show.

I really like Oren.  What a great smile, eh?  And he was a terrific contestant on the Big Break.  Like Russell, his is a man who served his country proudly and was awarded several medals and honors.

He showed such integrity and even kindness throughout the series; I hope that he doesn’t give up his dream.  But…given how he loves to gamble, I’m betting that he won’t ante up without a good fight!

But Oren wasn’t the only storyline this week.  Petey proved he deserved to be back in contention, capturing his 3.5 points faster than you can say, “Game on!”  I’m really curious how the guys all felt about that.

David, Carl and Robbie were with me once again (love these guys!!!) to share their thoughts on Petey’s comeback and Oren’s elimination.

Up first, David, with some insights into creative editing that made the show that much more exciting…

Carl provides some new information about his match with Oren – love getting behind-the-scenes scoop on things we didn’t see…

Robbie sets the record straight on John’s play and what makes this Big Break group so special from all the rest…

Thanks guys for everything!  Looking forward to watching next week’s show and chatting with you once more.  Until then…keep it in the short grass.


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  1. Let’s see, 7 players remaining and 4 episodes. I don’t need to be as sharp as Carl to figure this out: Stay tuned for multiple eliminations on at least one episode, and/or a logjam finale featuring more than 2 players.

    Great interviews, Gayle. Much appreciated. Interesting tidbit from David that editing flipped his shot and Oren’s. Makes sense to show the first one last if David already clinched. I’ll have to watch again to see if Tom and Stephanie fudged the commentary after the fact.

    Too bad about the Canucks. Rooting for them to find the net was like my hole-in-one fantasies.

  2. Hey Awsi! Always love hearing from you! Figured you’d have the finals down to a science 🙂

    As for the Canucks…they had a good season, but Boston deserved the SC. I just wish theives and hoodlums hadn’t trashed our city on the final day. Fans did not do this!

    And…there are still lots of holes in one to be had 🙂

    Catch ya later!

  3. Jacques LeStrap

    It’s people like Oren that make me want to watch a show like this. I don’t know what he was like off camera, but i do know, on HIS camera time, he was, THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD lol
    I hope he makes it, somewhere .

  4. An interesting story from David,I think it was too bad about the Canucks…


    Capital Gold

  5. Hi Mary,
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I find my weekly interviews add a lot to my enjoyment of the show. And I’ve never enjoyed a BB as much as this one. The guys are just terrific.

    As for the Canucks, it was hearbreaking for sure. Vancouver is still in mourning in some ways, as the anarchists and theives that started the riots left a very bad impression. Vancouver is a wonderful city with wonderful citizens. Let’s just all remember the Olympics – that is the real Vancouver.


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