Monthly Archives: December 2011

Golf Fore Gals on Maui: Where Wahines Win!

For those of us who began playing golf with husbands or boyfriends, we all remember how naked we felt on the first tee in front of strangers, especially those golfers who never bothered to wait for us to tee off before heading down the fairway (or into the woods) to hit their next shot. I almost gave up the game …

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Golf doesn’t get any better than this!

Every year I hear first-time PGA Tour winners talk about how delighted they (and their wives) are about finally being able to travel to Maui in January to play the PGA TOUR Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Even though they had just won over $1M (which could buy a lot of golf rounds :)), they are as excited as a kid …

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Great Gift for the Ardent Golfer

Legs like Buttah! I’ve always thought that Ernie Els’ swing was poetry in motion. It looks completely effortless and rhythmic; some might even go so far as to say it is as smooth as Barbra Streisand’s legs… “Like buttah!” (Ooops, I think I’m dating myself 🙂 ).  Anyway, back to golf… Except for my comments on The Big Easy, I …

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