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How often have we heard people complain that golf is an elitist sport for the wealthy?  Well, I’m not wealthy by any means and I play golf as much as I can.  But I do have to admit some golf courses charge so much for green fees I feel like I have to use my house as collateral before handing over my credit card in the pro shop.

Golf can be an expensive sport if one is not careful. This is especially true of championship resort courses; you can pay a hefty premium to play during prime time in high season.  And January through March is very high for those of us living in the great white north.

But when Xmas is over and it’s dark and cold throughout Jan and Feb, we golfers start looking for a place to plant our Footjoys. Many easterners head to Myrtle Beach – “The Golf Capital of the World”.

It certainly does offer a lot of choice in terms of golf with 100+ courses and the weather sure beats the heck out of Detroit’s.

But a quick check today of their 7-day weather forecast was depressing.  The highest temperature all week is 65 degrees with lows in the 40’s and a daily average high closer to 60.  Not freezing, but certainly not my idea of perfect beach weather. No wonder Myrtle Beach golf vacations are so affordable right now.  Just bundle up first.

Meanwhile on Maui’s west coast, today’s forecast is sunny with a high of 82.  The lowest it goes throughout the week is down to 79. Now THAT’s golf and beach weather.

Okay, so we’ve found our destination, but what about those high season prices?  Yes, Maui golf can be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing.  Even twilight golf can cost you over $100 at many courses on the island. 

But I just discovered a real gem of a deal.  Did you know that you can play everyday on a championship course on Maui for only $50 a month?  That’s right.  It’s part of Ka’anpali’s FIT CLUB program where participants pay $50 a month for access to walk and play the first six holes of the Kai course each day after 4 p.m. It’s been around since 2010, but I just heard about it.  One of those best kept secrets I guess. 

  • First, I love that you can walk the course. It’s great exercise and I actually play better when I walk.
  • Second, it only takes an hour and a bit to play, so you can golf after work or after beaching it all day.
  • Third, it’s perfect for golfers who are vacationing with someone who doesn’t golf.  Guys, if your wife doesn’t want to be dragged around in a power cart for 4-5 hours, she can spend an hour at the spa while you hit the fairways before the cocktail hour.
  • Fourth, those cocktails will taste great up at the new Roy’s restaurant in the Ka’anapali clubhouse that opens at the end of January. If you haven’t tried a Roy’s yet, check out their Aloha Hour. Yum!

I tell you FIT CLUB is a brilliant idea. No wonder 80 players sign up each month and there are approximately 25-40 that go out and play every day.

It has created its own golfing community for both tourists and — like Byron here from the Westin Resort and Spa.

Imagine closing off your day with 6 holes of golf.   It’s better than nine and dine — more like six and sips and for a lot less cash.

When I head to Maui this year, I’m signing up.  For once I’ll come home from my vacation weighing less than I did when I arrived AND with a lower handicap AND with money in my pocket.



Pamper yourself on Maui! Book your little piece of heaven in golfers’ paradise. Book now at and tell them Golfgal sent you!

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  1. Was in Myrtle Beach many years ago during the holidays when it was a bone chilling 12 degrees! Have seen snow there too. Feel bad for those who were there primarily for golfing!

    The FIT club sounds like an affordable way to golf, especially for us that are beginners!

  2. Thanks Gerry for your comment. 12 is too cold for anything outdoors except maybe skiing 🙂

    I wish more clubs would fill up the end of their tee time bookings with offers like this. It really costs them nothing as few people are out that late. And I think it would really grow the game.


  3. Gayle, greainfo to have. Thanks for sharing. Now I’d you can cheap airfare and accommodations for me, I will join you…if only my rehab was done! Enjoy! Think of me freezing my rear off while you bask in the sunshine and scorch the links:-)

  4. Hi Sherry!

    Great to hear from you. I woke up to 3 inches of snow today (in Vancouver!) so I’m already trying to find those cheap tickets 🙂

    Take care of yourself with that rehab. Hope you are in prime form soon.


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