Therapy for a golfer’s soul: Golf’s Unfolding Drama

Evan Schiller

You meet the most interesting people when you work or play in the golf industry – many of them through social media.

Last week was no exception.  I followed someone on Twitter who introduced me to his new eBook on the iPad.

Now normally I get books sent to me by publishers to review for free. If I like a book I’ll write about it.  And if I don’t like a book, I write nothing.

But this time was different.  I actually paid for the book.  And it was worth every penny.

Golf’s Unfolding Drama is a book of golf course photography designed especially for the iPad by Evan Schiller, a former PGA professional who has become one of the most renowned golf course photographers in the world.

Over the past 20 years, Schiller has captured the drama and stunning beauty of hundreds of courses including Pebble Beach, Augusta, The Old Course at St. Andrews and Ballybunion, to name just a few.

40 of his most dramatic grace the pages of his book.

A favorite of mine is his photograph of one of the best golf courses in British Columbia – Big Sky. 

Big Sky Golf Course, BC (Photo by: Evan Schiller)

Makes you want to play it, doesn’t it?

Flipping through Golf’s Unfolding Drama is like strolling through my bucket list of golf courses I hope to play someday.  Each photo comes with a “not immediately visible” narrative that allows you to appreciate what Evan had to do to capture the image at just the right moment.  It’s fun to read them, but equally fun to hide them so you can fill your screen with breathtaking imagery.

I love having it on my iPad because it means I can flip through it anytime, anywhere (like waiting in the dentist office or sitting in on a really boring conference call ;)). 

I highly recommend you download it and see for yourself. It’s a wonderful reprieve from life’s dull or stressful moments.  I think of it as therapy for a golfer’s soul.


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  1. Wow! The photo you have here from the book makes the course look like a magical land from a Middle Earth tale!

    That’s cool about the background information regarding each photo.

    And, some of us just don’t have ipads or similar. Soon though!

  2. James Ross (author)

    Just to be able to visit those golf courses is one thing, but to capture the moment forever is special.

    This is a collection of great shots! And I’m not talking about shots with clubs. These are beauties with a camera.

  3. rentals green valley

    What a great way to meet friends and share a book about your passion which is in this case is golf.

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