Big Break Atlantis 3: Two Inches too Far for Zakiya

Another “interesting” turn of events on Big Break Atlantis this week.  We saw some good shots, some bad shots and some pretty darn ugly shots, but some of the worst shots (e.g. Gloriana’s wasted shots on the first immunity challenge) were hit by golfers who ended up safe, and those who played some great shots (e.g. Zakiya’s bunker shot to 3′ 3″) went home.

They say that golf is a game of inches; sadly the inches were not in Zakiya’s favor this week.  Seeing Aubrey get inside of her ball by just 2 inches to gain immunity would have made anyone feel sick.  And you have to ask yourself, “Is that fair”?  No, but golf is not fair – not by any stretch of the imagination.

I will miss Zakiya’s spunk (still can’t get over her not taking a mulligan with Yani last week) and her style.   She’d never be allowed to play in clubs in Vancouver with her outfits, but I love them.  I am sad we won’t get to see the wardrobe she brought with her for the 2 weeks of filming.

Best of luck Zakiya in your new professional golfing career. If it doesn’t work out, I am sure you could do very well in golf fashion design!

Once again I am pleased to have Natalia and Anya with me this week.  It was a very stressful day for both of them, so let’s hear more about how the day played out…(forgive the audio techincal diffculties with Natalia’s interview – headset died :-()

Now Anya’s analysis of the day and who she would have chosen for the “faceoff”…

Thanks again ladies for your insights.  Same time next week!

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