Big Break Atlantis 10: No Glory YET for Gloriana

What a great 10th episode of Big Break Atlantis!  I love it when the Golf Channel brings back contestants to try their luck again.

Of course, I was naturally excited to see Anya and Natalia back, but it was also fun to see many of the others who exited so quickly we hardly got to know them.  

Shannon was one who I was particularly interested in seeing play again.  And obviously Marcela thought she had game to pick her as the first member of her team.

Gloriana’s team victory looked like the catalyst for some glory days ahead, but alas, that was not to be the case.  Even with Marcela cheering her on, Gloriana couldn’t put a dent in Selanee’s solid performance and lucky break in the woods.

But she played well and should be proud of what she has accomplished on this Big Break.  I wish her the very best in her quest for the LPGA.  She’s got game and the drive to make it.  Gloriana, your glory days are still to come.  Hang in there!

Marcela joined me again to talk about her excitement over seeing the ladies come back and how lonely it can get, especially when you’re sitting at the top waiting to see what happens next.  Nice to hear she put her time on the sidelines watching Gloriana and Selanee to good use…

Natalia joined me this week to share her thoughts about the past few shows and what it was like being brought back for another kick at some cash…

Selanee certainly seems to be on a roll, but with golf as in life, the dice are never predictable.  Marcela has been steady throughout the series and seems to have a good handle on her emotions and attitude, which should sustain her and give her an advantage.

Can Selanee hold on through 18 holes?  It remains to be seen, but whatever happens, I’ll be glued to the TV hanging on to every shot!


Special thanks again to Blue Falcon for his analysis of this week’s show and contestant ratings.  Quite the complement for Marcela BF! 🙂

Big Break Atlantis Episode 10: “Daughters of Atlas”
By: Blue Falcon

THEY’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!  The eliminated 9 contestants from BBA are back-thankfully not to affect the outcome of the show. Instead, they have returned to play a special prize challenge courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Goods. (Got to get those plugs in!)

The challenge: The 3 remaining players, Marcela Leon, Selanee Henderson and Gloriana Soto, will act as team captains. They will each pick 3 players-well; technically Selanee only picks two as she gets the player left over after Gloriana makes her final pick-to participate in this prize challenge.

Each player will hit 2 shots from 4 locations to point circles on the green. In the first 3 rounds, points are singular. In the 4th and final round-and the hardest location-points are doubled.  The team with the highest point total after all 4 locations will split $5,000 dollars broken down thusly:
The Winning Team Captain: $2,000.
The other 3 players: $1,000 each.

The Teams:
Team Marcela: Marcela Leon, Shannon Fish, Kelly Villareal, and Allison Micheletti.
Team Gloriana: Gloriana Soto, Christina Stockton, Zakiya Randall, and Aubrey McCormick.
Team Selanee: Selanee Henderson, Anya Alvarez, Natalia Ghilzon, and Meghan Hardin.

1st location: Team Marcela sent out Allison, who scored 5 points-and looks like she’s worked on her tan. Gloriana went out for her team and scored 5 points as well. Selanee batted leadoff for her team and scored 6 points to take an early lead for her team.

2nd location: Marcela went out for her team and picked up 6 points, bringing her team total to 11.
Gloriana sent out Zakiya who added 5 points to the till of Team Gloriana and brought their total to 10. P.S. Zakiya still looks like people should be waving dollar bills at her and shouting “Say My Name!”

Selanee sent out Natalia who struggled to score, gaining only 2 points and a little bit of controversy. Natalia claimed that the ground was wet and that was why she struggled. Selanee wasn’t buying what Natalia was selling and it caused some friction between the two.  Unrelated side note: Natalia still has the best hair on this season of Big Break! Team Selanee’s score after 2nd round: 8 points.

3rd location: Team Selanee drafted in Meghan, who was PO’d about being picked last. Meghan, dear, you barely hit any good shots in your episode and you were the first eliminated. You’ve got no kick coming. BTW, LOVED the dress in the interview room! She scored 3 points, bringing Team Selanee’s total to 11.

Team Gloriana sent Aubrey out and Aubrey did well, scoring 5 points.  Next up was Shannon for Team Marcela who didn’t do as well as she hoped, coming through with 3 points.
After 3rd stage of prize challenge, the scores were: Team Gloriana, 15 points. Team Marcela, 14 points and Team Selanee, 11 points.

4th and final stage: Double points but also the hardest shot. Anya for Team Selanee and Kelly for Team Marcela both drew the horse collar for their shots, but Christina came through for Team Gloriana with 6 points, earning Team Gloriana the victory and $5,000 cash.

Sadly, this was the high point of Gloriana’s day, because everything after that went pear-shaped.

Gloriana and Selanee faced off in the penultimate elimination challenge: 5 holes of stroke play. The player with the lowest score would face Marcela for the championship of Big Break Atlantis. The loser would join the peanut gallery for the match.

Both players split the first hole in pars, but then the match turned clearly in Selanee’s favor. Gloriana missed her par putt on the second hole, while Selanee made hers.  That started the ball rolling downhill for Gloriana, and like Sisyphus and the boulder, she just couldn’t stop the downward spiral.  Selanee won the match and moves on to the Championship match against Marcela. It will be a great match.

Now, on to the grades:

Selanee Henderson: Was very good, but not great this week, although she really didn’t need to be great after Gloriana began scuffling in their match. Hit three of four fairways and made two birdies in match vs. Gloriana. Golf score: 8.

Fashion score: as always, Selanee knows how to dress her athletic body on and off the course. Score: 9.

Marcela Leon: Perfect on and off course this week.  She made both of her shots in prize challenge.
That, however, is not the big news this week. When I saw Marcela in her interview, all I could say is WOW!!!!! That is the best I’ve seen her look. She looked like a cross between Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Audrey Hepburn. Rock the runway, girlfriend!  Score: 10 for golf, 10+++++ for fashion!

Gloriana Soto: Started out strong, picking up 5 points in prize challenge to help her team win $5,000. Then…it all went to h-e-double hockey sticks. She looked great in interview, though.  Score: 7 for golf, 9 for fashion.

Next week, it will be for all the marbles. Preview coming soon.

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