Ain’t Nothing Robotic about Rory

I was golfing recently with a couple I’d never met before.  All weekend warriors, we spent the day hacking and whacking our way around the course, trash talking and having fun.  However, at one point the husband hit his ball OB and although he tried to take it in stride, his wife could see that he was upset and gently ... Read More »

Giving Back through Golf

Last April the first of a series of Compete for Compassion Skin Games was held in Texas.  It was the fulfillment of a long time dream of Texas Golf ConneXion owner, Allen Baytes, who wanted to use golf to help kids in need. The tournament was a great success, attracting golfers from all over the state, along with prominent sponsors and ... Read More »

Golf Fore Gals on a Mission to Grow Women’s Golf in BC

Earlier this year the (PGA) of America launched an industry-wide initiative to bring more women into the game. With less than 20% of US golfers being women, the PGA has lots of room for improvement. But things aren’t that much different in Canada. Here, only 30% of golfers are women and sadly women are leaving the game at a much ... Read More »

What Golfgals Want

For years I have been writing golf course reviews based on the criteria Golf For Women Magazine used to rate courses as “women-friendly”.   Golf has come a long way since GFW turned its last page in 2008, and so I was delighted when I saw a golf architect ask women what they wanted to see in golf course design ... Read More »

Accenture Match Play: Golf’s Greatest Desert Dual

One of my favorite events of the year starts this week — the WGC Accenture Match Play Championship. Not only does it boast a field comparable with majors, Match Play at this level brings a Ryder Cup-like emotion to the stage that keeps me on the edge of my couch for 4 solid days. Every hole feels like a new ... Read More »

Après Golf on Maui

The tropical paradise that is Hawaii’s island of Maui is a well-known golfer’s dream destination. And make no mistake about it, this golfgal and guy have had our share of “Sweet Swinging'” amongst the palms and coconuts. Beaches  Where does one begin? There are so many gorgeous ones that it is often hard to decide where to plant your umbrella. ... Read More »

Can Crowdfunding Work for Golf?

Imagine being PAID to PLAY two terrible rounds of golf, missing the cut and still walking away with $3M. Imagine being PAID to PLAY brand spanking new Nike clubs for $250M, and after only 18 holes giving up on them and switching back to a competitor’s brand. Now imagine you are trying to play on the mini tours in the ... Read More »

Don’t let breaking putts on Maui break you

In the 1989 fantasy-drama, Field of Dreams, the prophetic phrase, “If you build it, he will come.” was born. And for the last dozen years, it  has been bastardized into many forms.  In my product marketing world, I am reminded of this adage far too often.  Software engineers often believe, “If we build it, they will come” (“They” being customers).  ... Read More »