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Guest Post: Rio welcomes golf back into the Olympics [infographic]

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailAt long last, Golf is making a heroic comeback at this years Rio Olympic Games. It’s hard to believe that the “game” is proving itself to be a real sport after 112 years of debate.  Well now that is over and we’re excited to see who will end Margaret Abbott’s 116 year reign as the Women’s Olympic Golf Champion! You may have ... Read More »

Guest Post: Royal and Ancient and Still Ahead of the Times

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailThe first time I set foot on a golf course this season was in Howth, Ireland, a stunning example of seaside “suburbia” in County Dublin. With a volcano view in the distance beyond miles of blue sky and water, it was the hilltop setting that first blew me away. But it didn’t take long for my focus to turn to ... Read More »

Guest Post: SWIG – Starting Women in Golf

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailIn 2 previous blog posts, I looked at some of the issues that could be impacting on the declining participation of women in golf.  As I’ve found out in many years of marriage, women think differently from men, and men shouldn’t automatically assume that what works for them also works for women.  Unfortunately, the golf industry is largely run by ... Read More »

Guest Post: What Turns Women On — To Golf

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailThis is the 2nd of a 3 week series of posts on Women in Golf  by Jim Lee of BC Golf. Probably most women would agree that most men don’t know what turns women on. In my case its (mostly) true, but it depends if you are asking my wife. So I’m going to restrict my comments in this blog to ... Read More »

Get Your Brain in Your Golf Game

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailGolf is like any other sport in that mental strength is essential for success. Indeed, sometimes it is all that matters when it comes to winning or losing. If you learn to develop the correct mentality and to turn your weaknesses into strengths, you can increase your chances of winning. FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemail Read More »

Guest Post: Bringing Back Golf’s Mystique

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailJust a couple years into my career of teaching golf (nearly 20 years ago now) I was told that the National Golf Foundation declared that golf was declining. Comforting news, when you are a young apprentice feeling blessed that you are actually making a living at something you love. Tiger had just come on the scene and yet the golf ... Read More »

Social Media is a lot like Golf

FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinemailAll true golfers have heard a repertoire of inane comments about the game that cause their ears to bleed. Claims that golf isn’t a sport, dismissive scoffs at “golf-related fitness” (with John Daly as their favourite testimonial), or the average weekend golfer telling all those within earshot that he hits the ball “about 350”—one might say that these kinds of ... Read More »