Golfers lose that sinking feeling with floating golf ball

Wouldn’t you know it…it takes someone from “down under” to invent a golf ball that floats.

I sure wish I had it this weekend. I spent a hot, but lovely afternoon playing Mayfair Lakes in Richmond, BC. A beautful course (and club house), but they don’t call it “Lakes” for nothing!

I think the starter said there are 12 holes where water comes into play. Needlesstosay, I came prepared with “water balls” and yes, I did use one or two (okay, maybe 3 or 4….) But maybe soon I won’t have to if I can get some of these balls in Up Here.

What will they think of next?


Golfers lose that sinking feeling with floating ball
The Daily Telegraph (Sydney)
01 Jun 2007

A PART-time golfer’s fear of water hazards is about to be knocked on the head if Mudgee man Tim Barnett has it his way. By sheer accident, Mr Barnett, 38, and his small team of golf ball producers in rural central NSW have created a ball that… read more…

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