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I know you are all talking about the US Open and how Tiger couldn’t buy a birdie to save his life on Sunday, but while you were all sitting in front of your HD TV’s, enjoying the game, I was out in the teeming raining telling myself “I love this game”.

Charles and I had played on Saturday in the rain at Mayfair Lakes with our good friends and we had a great time. We were dressed for showers and we had a few, but overall, it was a fun day – great pace of play and not a bad score (broke 100, which isn’t too bad on that course for me).

The next day we were supposed to play with other friends, but one of them was ill and unable to play, so instead of calling it a day, we decided to drive out to Swan-e-set in Pitt Meadows to see what it was like out there. Wet …. very wet….

But did we turn around and go home like smart people would? NOOOOO….we went out and played – froze our butts off and were soaked through even our rain gear and we laughed all the way home.

So when I saw this article in the WSJ, I had to laugh at myself once again. Golf is an addiction for me – I should be in a 12 step program, but then I’d have to quit. Well…that’s not going to happen any time soon.

It’s true what the article says below…it’s like a slot machine – you just can’t wait for that next win (i.e that next good shot).

I have at least one “come back tomorrow” shot per game and that keeps me addicted. And lucky for me, my partner is also addicted so we “shoot em up” together whenever we can, rain or shine.

You know what they say….couples who play together, stay together!


The science of golf addiction
The Wall Street Journal Europe
15 Jun 2007

MOST GOLFERS, far from being ashamed of our addiction to the game, actually seem to be rather proud of the fact. We brag about playing in winter storms, mock confess that we spend way too much time watching reruns of 1960s matches on the Golf Channel… read more…

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