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I find myself reading a lot more of the WSJ than ever now that they seem to be covering golf in a friendly and informative way. As a marketing consultant, I strongly believe in “Relationship Marketing”, even in this Internet age. Of course, I am doing more and more internet marketing through social media outlets, but when it comes to building business partnerships, I still go for the one-on-one.

This news article gives some good advice – the golf course is not for making deals, but it paves the way by helping to create relationships of trust and trust is so critical in a business deal.

Anyway…they also give some good suggestions on where to get more info, but I also encourage you to check out “Mr. Business Golf’s” blog and his book, “How to Play Business Golf”.

In the meantime… hard, play hard and have fun while doing both…what more is there to life?


Not business as usual
Adam Thompson contributed to this article.
The Wall Street Journal Asia
01 Jun 2007

Early one Friday afternoon about 20 years ago, Wendy Baker, then a senior vice president at the insurance company Continental, was leaving her office when she ran into another female executive. “Where is everyone?” Ms. Baker asked. Many of the… read more…

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