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It saddens me to read this story about Michelle Wie. I have so much respect for that girl’s game, but her “entourage” leaves a lot to be desired. I can’t believe what she has had to go through with her parents. How can they exploit her so badly!!!

What actually happened with the wrist? What’s the big secret? How can she go out and practice the day after she withdrew from the Ginn? I was shocked to hear what Annika said, but I don’t blame her – something is not right…. Come on, Michelle…if you are injured and have to withdraw, that’s fine, but to come back the next day and practice for the major right away…that leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

I don’t actually blame Michelle – in fact I just feel sorry for her – she is a puppet in the hands of her overbearing father IMHO and she just does what she is told. Maybe someday we will see her do to him, what Sean O’Hair did to his father in 2002 and break away. I can see it coming…what do you think?


Golf’s golden girl is tarnished
By Joe Logan
The Philadelphia Inquirer
07 Jun 2007

HAVRE DE GRACE, Md. — Michelle Wie needs a good week. Where once the statuesque teenager from Hawaii was the toast of golf, blessed with a man-size swing and a limitless future, these days Wie is looking more and more like, well, toast. OK, that’s a… read more…

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  1. I mentioned in my blog on the Wie fiasco that someone should have called the Child Protection Agency a couple of years ago. Her parents have really messed up her career. She should have stayed in Junior Golf and learned how to win and lose before going to the top of golf and muddying up the water like she has…it is going to tough for her to get any respect from now own.

  2. I think you’ve called it — she’ll snap at some point and “fire her family.” There will be a media feeding frenzy as everyone plays up the poor little stagemanaged golf prodigy story ad nauseum. And then, someday, she may be able to settle in and just play good golf.

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