Women take note…Golf is NOT a 4 letter word!

Attention all women! Golf is not a four letter word!

I can’t say that golf is driving my career, but it certainly is adding value to my consulting business AND my social life.

I have met the most amazing people playing golf who have now become part of my network and my social circle – women and men – on and off the course.

It’s so much easier now at those dreaded cocktail parties where you have to make small talk to finally find a topic that is fun to talk about and sets you up for a future “get together” with people you want to connect with.

Recently a CEO of a mining company who has become a great friend (we met on the golf course) invited me and dozens of others for a friendly dinner party. I can’t tell you how many different people I met there, but by far, the hotest topic of conversation was golf. I’d say 75% of the people there were golfers and were more than happy to share their tales of woe and wonder on courses around the world. I got some great tips on new places to play AND have new business cards from people who want to grab a game sometime soon.

So…ladies…forget about being naked on the first tee (even Tiger proved last week in front of millions that he can hook his first shot into the water). Take lessons, get out there, play, laughy, swear, enjoy the 19th hole and have fun while getting exercise! You just never know where it might lead in your career, in new friendships and in your life.

And if you need some advice on business golf, check out Scot Duke’s blog and book.

All chix all the time!


Now golf is driving women’s careers
By Katie Taylor
Financial Mail on Sunday
15 Jul 2007

The golf course has long been a place where men do business and make contacts while perfecting their swing and lowering their handicap. But more professional women are beginning to recognise the power of the game as a way of getting ahead in their… read more…

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