Sergio had a Big Boo Hoo after a big Boo Boo

Well, this shocked me when I heard about it, but not so much that Sergio signed an incorrect score card, but that they still score golf championships like this. Trusting your opponent to keep your score seems ludicrous to me. Where did that brain dead idea come from? Sergio is having the best and worst years of his career possibly – so close and yet so far. Having this happen to him was just “icing on the cake” as they say…

But really, in every other sport, the score is kept by officials and technology, not by the players themselves. Athletes should be focusing on their game, not on their partner’s score. I think it’s time for a change to the rules in championship play. Sure it’s nice that in golf, a player has to be honest, etc etc…but no one was dishonest in this case – it was just an oversight and I don’t think a player should be DQ’d for a mistake like that. A penalty yes…DQ, no…

Boo (named after Yogi Bear’s sidekick Boo Boo – please tell me that’s not his real name) made a big boo boo too – and if Sergio is penalized so should Boo. A shared mistake should share the consequences IMHO.


Boo . . there’s a big shock for Sergio

Sunday Sun
12 Aug 2007

BOO WEEKLEY livened up the early action at the USPGA Championship yesterday with a stellar round and a miscue which partly led to the disqualification of Sergio Garcia. Weekley came to the 18th hole needing a birdie for a 63, but he left himself a… read more…

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